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  1. Neuropsychological Differentiation of Dementia Syndromes

    By M.M.A. Derix

    An adaptation of the author's doctoral dissertation (U. of Amsterdam, 1991), this volume reviews and synthesizes the neuropathology, cognitive theory, and practical neuropsychological assessment aspects of all of the major subcortical dementias from a neuropsychological viewpoint. For neuropsycholog...

    Published January 1st 1994 by CRC Press

  2. Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging

    By John Kucharczyk, A. James Barkovich, Michael Moseley

    Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging is a comprehensive volume that focuses on the newest fields of MRI from functional and metabolic mapping to the latest applications of neuro-interventional techniques. Each chapter offers critical discussions regarding available methods and the most recent advances...

    Published December 21st 1993 by CRC Press

  3. Noradrenergic Mechanisms in Parkinson's Disease

    By Mike Briley, M. Marien

    Noradrenergic Mechanisms in Parkinson's Disease examines fundamental and clinical evidence explaining the progression of the disease. Featuring contributions from acknowledged international experts in the field, this book defines ideopathic Parkinson's disease and covers such topics as the...

    Published December 16th 1993 by CRC Press

  4. Opioid Peptides in Substance Abuse

    By Joseph I. Szekely

    Series: Physiology of Substance Abuse

    Opioid Peptides in Substance Abuse presents an encyclopedic survey of in vivo data examining the interrelationship between endogenous opioids and substance abuse. It emphasizes two main groups of abused substances (morphine congeners and psychostimulants) and addresses the following questions:...

    Published October 22nd 1993 by CRC Press

  5. Handbook of Receptors and Channels

    G Protein-Coupled Receptors

    Edited by Stephen J. Peroutka

    Series: Handbooks of Receptors & Channels

    The cloning, sequencing, and expression of a variety of membrane receptors and channels indicate the existence of at least four "superfamilies" of molecular structures that mediate signal transduction. Presently, more than 400 receptors have been cloned and sequenced. The Handbook of Receptors and...

    Published October 20th 1993 by CRC Press

  6. Mechanisms of Taste Transduction

    By Sidney A. Simon, Stephen D. Roper

    Mechanisms of Taste Transduction introduces a number of topics essential to a complete understanding of taste. These topics range from the control of food intake to the biophysical mechanisms of transduction and the design of food flavors in the food industry. The responses and organization of...

    Published July 23rd 1993 by CRC Press

  7. Aging of the Autonomic Nervous System

    By Francesco Amenta

    Aging of the Autonomic Nervous System is the first book devoted to the aging of the autonomic nervous system. The book presents the most recent findings on topics such as general aspects of the autonomic nervous system, main neurotransmitter systems, age-dependent changes of neuroeffector...

    Published June 16th 1993 by CRC Press

  8. Neurotrophic Factors

    By Tsukada

    Neurotrophic Factors is devoted to neurotrophic factors and explores aspects of their structure, the regulation of their synthesis, the way in which they influence neuronal survival and differentiation, and the mechanisms of their action on a variety of neurons. The book emphasizes the importance...

    Published February 1st 1993 by CRC Press

  9. An Introduction to the Blood-Brain Barrier

    By Davson

    This book is devoted to exploring the complexities of the blood-brain barrier. The book begins by reviewing the historical experiments that led to the concept of a barrier protecting the brain from variations in the blood. Transport kinetics and carrier-mediated processes are described, and the...

    Published December 22nd 1992 by CRC Press

  10. Melatonin

    Biosynthesis, Physiological Effects, and Clinical Applications

    By Hing-Sing Yu, Russel J. Reiter

    Melatonin: Biosynthesis, Physiological Effects, and Clinical Applications provides a thorough review of recent advances in major areas of melatonin research. The book is arranged in a logical sequence, beginning with the history of melatonin and then proceeding to cover its biochemistry and...

    Published December 21st 1992 by CRC Press