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Forthcoming Algorithms & Complexity Books

You are currently browsing 1–10 of 15 forthcoming new books in the subject of Algorithms & Complexity — sorted by publish date from upcoming books to future books.

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Optimization

    Algorithms and Applications

    By Rajesh Kumar Arora

    Choose the Correct Solution Method for Your Optimization Problem Optimization: Algorithms and Applications presents a variety of solution techniques for optimization problems, emphasizing concepts rather than rigorous mathematical details and proofs. The book covers both gradient and stochastic...

    To Be Published May 21st 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  2. Search and Foraging

    Individual Motion and Swarm Dynamics

    By Eugene Kagan, Irad Ben-Gal

    Since the start of modern computing, the studies of living organisms have inspired the progress in developing computers and intelligent machines. In particular, the methods of search and foraging are the benchmark problems for robotics and multi-agent systems. The highly developed theory of search...

    To Be Published June 25th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  3. Discovering Computer Science

    Interdisciplinary Problems, Principles, and Python Programming

    By Jessen Havill

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Textbooks in Computing

    This book introduces computer programming as a vehicle of discovery in a wide variety of disciplines. Each chapter focuses on a general class of problems that is tackled by new algorithmic and programming techniques. Using a spiral approach, the book introduces new concepts, problem-solving...

    To Be Published July 30th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  4. Algorithmic Life

    Calculative Devices in the Age of Big Data

    Edited by Louise Amoore, Volha Piotukh

    Amid the proliferating cross-disciplinary discussion of ‘big data’ and algorithms, there is currently a lack of academic work on the changing landscape of calculative technologies and devices, this volume critically explores forms and techniques of calculation that emerge with digital...

    To Be Published September 1st 2015 by Routledge

  5. A Formal Approach to Multi-Level Complex Systems

    Modeling and Analysis

    By Emanuela Merelli, Marjan Sirjani, Narges Khakpour

    Although complex systems have been thoroughly studied by different scientific communities, Computer Science opens up potential that had not been fully exploited in this field. This book examines the multi-level nature of complex systems and includes formal methods for their modeling and the...

    To Be Published September 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  6. Asynchronous Parallel Algo for Petaflop and Exaflop Comp

    By Frederic Magoules, Cedric Venet

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series

    Developing applications that scale well on massively parallel architectures is quite difficult, due to problems with synchronization and communication time as well as fault tolerance. This book reviews current algorithms and presents new mathematical versions that avoid such problems. It details...

    To Be Published October 15th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  7. Parallel Graph Algorithms

    Edited by David A. Bader

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science

    Graph theoretic problems are representative of fundamental kernels in traditional and emerging scientific applications, such as complex network analysis, data mining, and computational biology, as well as applications in national security. Graph abstractions are also extensively used to understand...

    To Be Published October 15th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  8. Systems Engineering Principles for Software Engineers

    By Ray J. Madachy

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Innovations in Software Engineering and Software Development Series

    In a world dominated by complex software-intensive systems, it is important for software engineers to take on broader and more informed roles. This book addresses the increasing importance of systems engineering in professional software engineering education and practice. Complex systems bring many...

    To Be Published November 1st 2015 by CRC Press

  9. ECG Time Series Variability Analysis

    Engineering and Medicine

    Edited by Herbert Jelinek, David Cornforth, Ahsan H. Khandoker

    Divided roughly into two sections, this book provides a brief history of the development of ECG along with heart rate variability (HRV) algorithms and the engineering innovations over the last decade in this area. It reviews clinical research, presents an overview of the clinical field, and the...

    To Be Published November 26th 2015 by CRC Press

  10. Programming for Hybrid Multi/Many-core MPP Systems

    By John Levesque

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science

    This book addresses the significant challenge in designing applications to effectively use high-performance computing architectures and offers methods to more effectively restructure applications to take advantage of these powerful nodes. The authors discuss the benefit of vectorization, providing...

    To Be Published December 1st 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC