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New and Published Books

  1. Echinoderms in a Changing World

    Proceedings of the 13th International Echinoderm Conference, January 5-9 2009, University of Tasmania, Hobart Tasmania, Australia

    Edited by Craig Johnson

    Echinoderms are an ancient and diverse group of marine animals with a rich fossil record. They occur abundantly in all modern oceans and at all depths, where they contribute importantly to patterns in biodiversity and to the structure and functioning of marine systems. It is therefore vital...

    Published October 30th 2012 by CRC Press

  2. Holocene Palaeoenvironmental History of the Central Sahara

    Palaeoecology of Africa Vol. 29, An International Yearbook of Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironments

    Edited by Roland Baumhauer, Jürgen Runge

    Series: Palaeoecology of Africa

    The environmental setting within the Central Sahara was subject to considerable changes during Late Quaternary, mainly driven by major global climate variations, although human impact increased constantly since Early Holocene. Such global events can be reconstructed with the help of reliefs,...

    Published February 27th 2009 by CRC Press

  3. Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa During the Holocene: Past – Present – Future

    Palaeoecology of Africa, An International Yearbook of Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironments, Volume 28

    Edited by J. Runge

    Series: Palaeoecology of Africa

    This book consists of scientific papers resulting from an international workshop: ‘Environmental and Cultural Change in West- and Central Africa’ organized by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Yaoundé, Cameroon, March 2006. Problems of Holocene and Late Pleistocene modifications of the rain...

    Published October 4th 2007 by CRC Press

  4. Antarctic Peninsula & Tierra del Fuego: 100 years of Swedish-Argentine scientific cooperation at the end of the world

    Proceedings of "Otto Nordensjold's Antarctic Expedition of 1901-1903 and Swedish Scientists in Patagonia: A Symposium", Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2-7, 2003

    Edited by Jorge Rabassa, Maria Laura Borla

    This symposium, held in Argentina in March 2003, commemorates Otto Nordenskjöld’s 1901 expedition, and pays tribute to the Swedish and Argentinian explorers who took on the challenge of early fieldwork in Patagonia and Antarctica. This theme is extended to include recent fieldwork in the natural...

    Published November 23rd 2006 by CRC Press

  5. Modern Quaternary Research in Southeast Asia, Volume 18

    Quaternary Research In Indonesia

    By Susan G. Keates, Juliette M. Pasveer

    Written for researchers, university lecturers and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in all fields of archaeological and anthropological study, this collection features new research from different excavation sites around Indonesia together with pioneering expert analysis....

    Published April 15th 2004 by CRC Press

  6. Palaeohistoria 39,40 (1997-1998)

    Institute of Archaeology, Groningen, the Netherlands

    By University of Groningen, Netherlands The Biological-Archaeological Institute

    This annual covers excavation reports and analytical studies on archaeology, palaeobotany and archaeozoology. Topics covered include the Allerod vegetation of southeastern Friesland, Bronze Age metal and amber in the Netherlands, the origins of plums and much more....

    Published January 1st 2000 by CRC Press

  7. The Great Ice Age

    Climate Change and Life

    By J.A. Chapman, S.A. all at The Open University Drury, R.C.L. Wilson

    The Great Ice Age documents and explains the natural climatic and palaeoecologic changes that have occurred during the past 2.6 million years, outlining the emergence and global impact of our species during this period. Exploring a wide range of records of climate change, the authors demonstrate...

    Published November 11th 1999 by Routledge

  8. Quaternary of South America and Antarctic Peninsula

    Edited by Jorge Rabassa, Monica Salemme

    This volume of quaternary vertebrate palaeontology in southern South America contains a range of topics from quaternary vertebrate palaeontology in Argentina and biostratigraphy and chronological scale of uppermost Cenozoic in the Pampean area to taxonomy, palaeoecology and palaeoenvironments....

    Published January 1st 1999 by CRC Press

  9. Quaternary of South America and Antarctica Peninsula 1998

    Edited by Jorge Rabassa, Monica Salemme

    This text deals with certain geological aspects of the extreme geographical locations of South America and the Antarctic Peninsula. Topics include: Brazil - geology and vertebrate paleontology; pleistocene wave-built terraces of Northern Rio de Janeiro state; and holocene coastal evolution....

    Published January 1st 1998 by CRC Press

  10. Quaternary of South America and Antarctic Peninsula

    Edited by Jorge Rabassa, Monica Salemme

    This volume on the Quaternary period of South America and the Antarctic Peninsular emphasizes the palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic approaches. It is intended to help correlate South American environmental events and endogenous episodes with equivalents in other parts of the world....

    Published January 1st 1995 by CRC Press