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  1. A Macroeconomics Reader

    Edited by Brian Snowdon, Howard Vane

    A Macroeconomics Reader brings together a collection of key readings in modern macroeconomics. Each article has been carefully chosen to provide the reader with accessible, non-technical, and reflective papers which critically assess important areas and current controversies within modern...

    Published July 9th 1997 by Routledge

  2. The Representative Agent in Macroeconomics

    By James E Hartley, James E. Hartley

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    Rpresentative agent models have become a predominant means of studying the macroeconomy in modern economics without there being much discussion in the literature about their propriety or usefulness. This volume evaluates the use of these models in macroeconomics, examining the justifications for...

    Published July 2nd 1997 by Routledge

  3. Working in the Macro Economy

    A study of the US Labor Market

    By Martin F. J. Prachowny

    Series: Routledge Studies in the Modern World Economy

    Most macroeconomic theory has focused on goods and money rather than on labour, but this book goes someway to redressing this balance. It examines a wide range of labor-market issues from the perspective of modern macroeconomics. It considers policy issues, as well as theory, and criticises both...

    Published April 16th 1997 by Routledge

  4. The Methodology of Economics

    Nineteenth-Century British Contributions

    Series: History of British Economic Thought

    Containing key texts from such significant figures as * J.S. Mill* Nassau Senior* Henry Sedgwick* Alfred Marshall* J.E. Cairns* J.M. Keynesthis set illustrates the gradual transformation of economics from the fully contextualized political economy of the early classical economists to the abstract,...

    Published April 16th 1997 by Routledge

  5. Uncertainty and Economic Evolution

    Essays in Honour of Armen Alchian

    By John L. Lott Jr.

    Series: Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks

    The theory of the firm has recently undergone a dramatic transformation, drawing heavily on the pathbreaking work of Armen Alchian. This volume explores his contribution to the debate, including essays by Harold Demetz, Ben Klein, Jerry Jordan and Art Devany....

    Published April 2nd 1997 by Routledge

  6. Collected Works of Edwin Cannan

    Edited by Alan Ebenstein

    Series: Collected Works

    Edwin Cannan, prodigious author and scholar whose name is inextricably linked with two great economic institutions, Adam Smith and the London School of Economics (LSE), probably had his greatest success as a professor. He nurtured a generation of scholars, teachers and writers at the LSE during his...

    Published February 27th 1997 by Routledge

  7. A Second Edition of The General Theory

    Edited by Professor Geoffrey Harcourt, Peter Riach

    Keynes always intended to write 'footnotes' to his masterwork The General Theory, which would take account of the criticisms made of it and allow him to refine his ideas further. These two volumes contain the work of a wide range of Keynes scholars, including James Tobin, Paul Davidson and Lord...

    Published January 1st 1997 by Routledge

  8. Economics and Reality

    By Tony Lawson

    Series: Economics as Social Theory

    'No reality please. We're economists'. There is a wide spread belief that modern economics is irrelevant to the understanding of the real world. In a controversial and original study, Tony Lawson argues that the root of this irrelevance is in the failure of economists to find methods and tools...

    Published January 1st 1997 by Routledge

  9. Monetary Theory: 1601-1758

    By Antoin Murphy

    Series: Early Sources in Economics

    This represents the first comprehensive edition of the writings of the earliest pioneers of monetary theory. It includes material by Sir William Petty, John Locke, Richard Cantillon and David Hume....

    Published December 18th 1996 by Routledge

  10. Dynamics of the Mixed Economy

    Toward a Theory of Interventionism

    By Sanford Ikeda

    Series: Routledge Foundations of the Market Economy

    Dynamics of the Mixed Economy applies the insights of modern Austrian political economy to examine economic policy in mixed economies. It compares and contrasts standard approaches to the growth of the state (including public choice) with that of modern Austrian political economy; examines in...

    Published December 4th 1996 by Routledge