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  1. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development

    Exploring the nexus of private and public interests

    Edited by Lez Rayman-Bacchus, Philip R. Walsh

    Series: Routledge Research in Sustainability and Business

    Corporate responsibility and sustainable development are two concepts that may be able to reconcile many of the big challenges facing the world; challenges such as tensions between respect for the natural environment, social justice, and economic development; the long view versus short-term...

    To Be Published November 30th 2015 by Routledge

  2. The Nature of the Firm in the Oil Industry

    International Oil Companies in Global Business

    By Basak Beyazay

    Series: Routledge Studies in International Business and the World Economy

    Firm to firm relationships, along with the overall structure of industries, have changed markedly over the past decades. Replacing the model of vertical integration with one of global business, firms have started to outsource more by using a wider global network. At the same time, they have begun...

    To Be Published December 1st 2015 by Routledge

  3. The Routledge Companion to Network Industries

    Edited by Matthias Finger, Christian Jaag

    Series: Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Accounting

    In recent decades, network industries around the world have gone through periods of de- and re-regulation. With vast amounts of sometimes conflicting research carried out into specific network industries, the time has come for a critical over-arching assessment of this entire industry in order...

    To Be Published December 4th 2015 by Routledge

  4. Multinational Companies from Japan

    Capabilities, Competitiveness, and Challenges

    Edited by Robert Fitzgerald, Chris Rowley

    Since the bursting of Japan’s bubble economy, from 1990 onwards, its multinational companies (MNCs) have faced new competitive challenges, and questions about the management practices on which they had built their initial success in global markets. Japanese engagement in the international economy...

    To Be Published December 4th 2015 by Routledge

  5. Piercing the Corporate Veil in Latin American Jurisprudence

    A comparison with the Anglo-American method

    By Jose Maria Lezcano

    Series: Routledge Research in Corporate Law

    This book is a comparative law study exploring the piercing of the corporate veil in Latin America within the context of the Anglo-American method. The piercing of the corporate veil is a remedy applied, in exceptional circumstances, to prevent and punish an inappropriate use of the corporate...

    To Be Published December 15th 2015 by Routledge

  6. Legal approaches and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Towards a Llewellyn’s law-jobs approach

    By Adaeze Okoye

    Series: Routledge Research in Corporate Law

    From the late 20th Century, a catalogue of high profile disasters and controversies has drawn attention to the changing relationship between corporations and society. This is taking place against the context of globalisation and this change has become the driving force for demands that corporations...

    To Be Published December 18th 2015 by Routledge

  7. Corporate Strategy in Post-Communist Russia

    By Mikhail Glazunov

    Series: Routledge Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe Series

    Russian businesses in the post-Soviet period have been noted for their unusual, sometimes allegedly corrupt, business practices, and for their role in the enrichment of oligarchs. This book, which includes a wide range of case study examples, and which draws on the author’s first hand experience of...

    To Be Published December 31st 2015 by Routledge

  8. Airline eCommerce

    Log on. Take off.

    By Michael Hanke

    Since the first few airline tickets were sold online in December 1995, global online travel has grown to generate half a trillion dollars in annual revenue. This development has brought significant changes to airline businesses, travel markets, and consumers. Today, airlines worldwide not only use...

    To Be Published January 1st 2016 by Routledge

  9. Varieties of Capitalism In History, Transition and Emergence

    New Perspectives on Institutional Development

    By Martha Prevezer

    Series: Routledge Studies in the Modern World Economy

    Economics tends to teach that developed countries have good institutions, while developing countries do not, and that this is the factor that constrains their growth. However, the picture is far messier than that suggests. The objective of this book is to take stock of the institutional debate and...

    To Be Published January 1st 2016 by Routledge

  10. Regulating Competition

    Cartel Registers in the Twentieth Century World

    Edited by Susanna Fellman, Peter Sandberg, Martin Shanahan

    Series: Routledge Explorations in Economic History

    In recent years, research on competition policies and business collusion has grown substantially. Studies on restrictive business practices at the industry or inter firm level, the development of competition policies and/or legal frameworks to advance these, as well as the activities of public...

    To Be Published January 1st 2016 by Routledge