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Forthcoming Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering Books

You are currently browsing 1–10 of 183 forthcoming new books in the subject of Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering — sorted by publish date from upcoming books to future books.

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Occupational Health and Safety Management

    A Practical Approach, Third Edition

    By Charles D. Reese

    Reflecting changes in the current health and safety landscape, Occupational Health and Safety Management: A Practical Approach, Third Edition includes examples and tools to facilitate development and implementation of a safety and health management approach. This how-to book is not just an...

    To Be Published July 14th 2015 by CRC Press

  2. Sustainable Transportation in Natural and Protected Areas

    Edited by Francesco Orsi

    Series: Routledge Studies in Transport, Environment and Development

    Protected areas are at the centre of nature-based tourism, which is increasingly popular across the world. As visitor numbers increase, so does awareness of the harmful effects that large crowds may have on both natural resources and individuals’ recreational experience. This volume...

    To Be Published July 15th 2015 by Routledge

  3. Subsurface Drainage of Valley Bottom Irrigated Rice Schemes in Tropical Savannah

    Case Studies of Tiefora and Moussodougou in Burkina Faso

    By Amadou Keita

    Series: UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis Series

    This study was built to investigate the impact of subsurface drainage on iron toxicity in Tropical Savannah irrigated rice valley bottoms. The research leaned upon two complementary approaches: field investigations and designed experiments. Important results, covering several fields, where achieved...

    To Be Published July 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  4. Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in Agriculture

    Edited by Cornelio Alberto Zolin, Renato de A. R. Rodrigues

    Climate change and its impact on water resources in agriculture pose one of the biggest challenges for food, energy, fiber, and water security worldwide and, as a consequence, for society. This book presents a multidisciplinary approach towards climate change and water resources in agriculture and...

    To Be Published July 16th 2015 by CRC Press

  5. Multiscale Physical Processes of Fine Sediment in an Estuary

    By Yuanyang Wan

    Series: UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis Series

    Estuaries are natural highly dynamic and rapidly changing systems, comprising a complex combination of physical processes on many different time- and space- scales. The research conducted a systematic study on the topic of fine sediment physical processes in a meso-tidal convergent alluvial estuary...

    To Be Published July 20th 2015 by CRC Press

  6. Green Infrastructure

    Incorporating Plants and Enhancing Biodiversity in Buildings and Urban Environments

    By John W. Dover

    With more than half of the world's population now living in urban areas, it is vitally important that towns and cities are healthy places to live. The principal aim of this book is to synthesize the disparate literature on the use of vegetation in the built environment and its multifunctional...

    To Be Published July 21st 2015 by Routledge

  7. Sustainable Use of Land and Water Under Rainfed and Deficit Irrigation Conditions in Ogun-Osun River Basin, Nigeria

    By Omotayo Babawande Adeboye

    Series: UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis Series

    Fluctuation in rainfall in Ogun-Osun River Basin, Nigeria in the recent times is a challenge to crop production. Therefore, agronomic practices need to be designed to improve water productivity under rainfed conditions. Improving water productivity requires vapour shift or transfer whereby soil...

    To Be Published July 23rd 2015 by CRC Press

  8. Natural Headland Sand Bypassing

    Towards Identifying and Modelling the Mechanisms and Processes

    By Mohd Shahrizal Bin Ab Razak

    Series: UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis Series

    This study contributes to the understanding of the mechanisms and processes of sand bypassing in artificial and non-artificial coastal environments through a numerical modelling study. Sand bypassing processes in general is a relevant but poorly understood topic. This study attempts to link the...

    To Be Published July 23rd 2015 by CRC Press

  9. Capacity Development for Learning and Knowledge Permeation

    The Case of Water Utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

    By Silas Mvulirwenande

    Series: UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis Series

    After World War II, international development became the world leading development model, but its effectiveness is much debated. Nowadays, it is acknowledged that international development can effectively support development through knowledge and capacity development (KCD). Nonetheless,...

    To Be Published July 24th 2015 by CRC Press

  10. Public Transit Planning and Operation

    Modeling, Practice and Behavior, Second Edition

    By Avishai Ceder

    Addresses the Challenges Facing Public Transport Policy Makers and Operators Public Transit Planning and Operation: Modeling, Practice and Behavior, Second Edition offers new solutions for delivering both better services and greater efficiency, solutions which have been developed and tested by the...

    To Be Published July 30th 2015 by CRC Press