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  1. Computer Modelling in Ocean Engineering 1991

    Proceedings of the second international conference, Barcelona, 30 September - 4 October 1991

    Edited by A.S. Arcilla, M. Pastor, B.A. Schrefler, O.C. Zienkiewicz

    The proceedings of the Second International Conference on [title] held in Barcelona, Spain, September/October 1991, comprise papers on topics in ocean circulation, wave structure interaction, water quality and biological modeli harbor resonance, coastal circulation, random waves description, sedimen...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  2. Mechanics of Granular Media and Its Application in Civil Enginenering

    Geotechnika - Selected Translations of Russian Geotechnical Literature 6

    By I.I. Kandaurov

    Systematic approach to the construction of a probabilistic simulation model for distribution of pressure in granular media. Pressure fields & compressive deformations from that model presented for a thrustless granular medium & homogeneous or stratified earth foundation. General solutions...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  3. Down to Earth

    Foundations Past and Present: The Invisible Art of the Builder

    By Jean Kerisel

    Written in straightforward non-technical language, with numerous diagrams and photographs, this book takes a look at ‘the invisible art’ of the great builders: how they founded their constructions in the earth and strove to understand and combat the natural forces, such as earth pressures, water,...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  4. Construction of Buildings on Expansive Soils

    By E.A. Sorochan

    The series comprises selected translations of Russian geotechnical literature, and this is a translation of a 1989 second edition reference. Coverage includes laws governing expansion and contraction of argillaceous soils, principles governing deformation of soil mass and foundations during soil exp...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  5. Scouring

    Hydraulic Structures Design Manual Series, Vol. 2

    By H.N.C. Breusers, A.J. Raudkivi

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Information and technical data concerning scouring/erosion caused by water fl in rivers and streams. More specifically, how certain structures exaggerate this natural process by restricting water flow, causing constriction and loc scour. Material presented is from both field studies and laboratories...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  6. Hydrodynamic Forces

    IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 3

    By Eduard Naudascher

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Produced for the International Association for Hydraulic Research, this monograph covers fluctuating and mean hydrodynamic forces, hydrodynamic forces on high-head gates, and hydrodynamic forces on low-head gates i.e. only the forces induced by flow incident or past the structure....

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  7. Field Experiments and Measurement Programs in Geomorphology

    Edited by Olav Slaymaker

    A typology of experimentation in the field of geomorphology. This typology is then applied to problems of total drainage basin change and subsets of processes of change associated with slopes and channels. Contents: Introduction; The nature of geomorphic field experiments; Drainage basin studies;...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  8. Soil Mechanics, Footings and Foundations

    Geotechnika - Selected Translations of Russian Geotechnical Literature 3

    By B.I. Dalmatov

    Translated from the second Russian edition of 1988. Parts 2, "Soil mechanics" and 3, "Foundations and footings" are revised and updated versions of the first Russian edition of 1981. Part 1, "Special course in engineering geology," contains a discussion of physicomechanical properties of soil, geody...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  9. Bibliography of Rockbursts

    Part 1 (1900-1979)

    Edited by I.M. Batugina, I.M. Petukhov

    An annotated bibliography comprising 1714 alphabetically arranged entries from the period 1900-1979, collected from scientific and technical journals, conference proceedings, and books in English, German, Polish, Russian, Czech, French, Serbo-Croatian, and Italian. Includes an analytical index. Acid...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press

  10. Prefabrication with Concrete

    By A.S.G. Bruggeling, G.F. Huyghe

    Both authors are innovators of the prefabrication of concrete structures an important advance towards industrialization of the building process. The detailing of connections between the factory produced elements is crucial, and the "strut and tie" models presented here can be directly applied in str...

    Published December 31st 1990 by CRC Press