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Forthcoming Communications System Design Books

You are currently browsing 1–10 of 18 forthcoming new books in the subject of Communications System Design — sorted by publish date from upcoming books to future books.

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Analytical Evaluation of Nonlinear Distortion Effects on Multicarrier Signals

    By Theresa Araújo, Rui Dinis

    Due to their ability to support reliable high quality of service as well as spectral and power efficiency, multicarrier modulation systems have found increasing use in modern communications services. However, one of the main drawbacks of these systems is their vulnerability to nonlinear distortion...

    To Be Published May 8th 2015 by CRC Press

  2. Introduction to RF Power Amplifier Design and Simulation

    By Abdullah Eroglu

    Introduction to RF Power Amplifier Design and Simulation fills a gap in the existing literature by providing step-by-step guidance for the design of radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers, from analytical formulation to simulation, implementation, and measurement. Featuring numerous illustrations...

    To Be Published July 23rd 2015 by CRC Press

  3. Aeronautical Telecommunications Networks

    Advances, Challenges, and Modeling

    Edited by Sarhan M. Musa, Zhijun Wu

    This book explores how to improve capacity and relieve congestion of modern-day air traffic, and to increase the ability for mobile aircraft to communicate efficiently with ground networks. It emphasizes the advances, challenges, and modeling of ATN. The book covers MIPv6 as a core of mobility...

    To Be Published July 29th 2015 by CRC Press

  4. Building Wireless Sensor Networks

    Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

    By Nandini Mukherjee, Sarmistha Neogy, Sarbani Roy

    The book explores recent developments in the field of wireless sensor networks. In spite of the design of many algorithms in various theoretical perspectives, they have rarely been implemented in practice. New protocols have been designed and implemented, new tools have been developed that handle...

    To Be Published August 13th 2015 by CRC Press

  5. Low-Visibility Antennas for Communication Systems

    By Albert Sabban

    Series: Gregory L. Charvat Series on Practical Approaches to Electrical Engineering

    The communication and biomedical industries have been in continuous growth the last few years. Low-visibility compact antennas have attractive features such as being low-profile, flexible, lightweight, small volume, and low production cost. This book provides guidelines to develop these antennas....

    To Be Published September 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  6. Cognitive Vehicular Networks

    Edited by Anna Maria Vegni, Dharma P. Agrawal

    A comprehensive text on both current and emerging areas of cognitive vehicular networks, this book focuses on a new class of mobile ad hoc networks. It uses a pedagogical approach utilizing cognitive aspects applied to vehicular environments and comprises contributions from well-known and high...

    To Be Published September 26th 2015 by CRC Press

  7. Time Varying Signal Processing

    Zero Crossing Based Models

    By Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula, Thippur V. Sreenivas

    This book introduces non-uniform-sample-based signal processing methods, specifically those derived based on zero-crossing measurements. Most current-day digital signal processing is based on uniform Nyquist sampling of bandlimited signals. However, most real-world signals are neither...

    To Be Published October 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  8. Advances in Communications-Based Train Control Systems

    Edited by F. Richard Yu

    Communications-based train control systems have opened up several areas of research, which have been explored extensively and continue to attract research and development. This book will essentially feature some of the major advances in the research on communications-based train control systems....

    To Be Published October 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  9. Wireless Sensor Multimedia Networks

    Architectures, Protocols and Applications

    By Mohamed Mostafa A. Azim Zayed

    During the last decade, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have received the wider attention from researchers and academia. Recently, a new generation wireless sensor multimedia networks (WSMN) has captured a new attention. This book provides a research community the latest advances of the multimedia...

    To Be Published November 1st 2015 by CRC Press

  10. Radio Wave Propagation and Channel Modeling for Earth-Space Systems

    By Athanasios G. Kanatas, Athanasios D. Panagopoulos

    Series: A Colour Atlas

    This book analytically presents the state of the art in channel modeling and characterization of next-generation multiple-antennas fixed and mobile satellite systems, as well as propagation phenomena and fade mitigation techniques....

    To Be Published December 15th 2015 by CRC Press