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  1. China's Embedded Activism

    Opportunities and constraints of a social movement

    Edited by Peter Ho, Richard Edmonds

    Series: Routledge Studies on China in Transition

    In recent years China has been remarkable in achieving extraordinary economic transformation, yet without fundamental political change. To many observers this would seem to imply a weakness in Chinese civil society. However, though the idea of democracy as multitudes of citizens taking to the...

    Published March 23rd 2011 by Routledge

  2. The Caucasus - An Introduction

    By Frederik Coene

    Series: Routledge Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe Series

    The Caucasus is one of the most complicated regions in the world: with many different peoples and political units, differing religious allegiances, and frequent conflicts, and where historically major world powers have clashed with each other. Until now there has been no single book for those...

    Published March 23rd 2011 by Routledge

  3. The Measurement of Wool Fibre Properties and their Effect on Worsted Processing Performance and Product Quality

    Part 1: The Objective Measurement of Wool Fibre Properties

    Edited by Anton F. Botha, Lawrance Hunter

    A critical and comprehensive examination of the origination and application of developments in the textile industry and its products, this book provides one of the only state-of-the-science reviews carried out in recent years. It covers the measurement of wool fiber properties, specifically those...

    Published March 14th 2011 by CRC Press

  4. Geotextiles

    Production, Properties and Performance

    Edited by Amit Rawal, Tahir Shah, Subhash Anand

    The monograph critically reviews most commonly used geotextile structures, their properties and performance characteristics. In general, both natural and synthetic fibres are used for the production of geotextiles, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fibre are discussed for various...

    Published October 5th 2010 by CRC Press

  5. A Roadmap on Smart Textiles

    Edited by Anne Schwarz, Lieva Van Langenhove, Philippe Guermonprez, Denis Deguillemont

    In order to stimulate the progress in smart textiles, emerging developments need to be identified and selectively strengthened. Hence, this issue reports on a three-dimensional roadmap on smart textiles. It aims at contributing to set future actions in research, education and technology development...

    Published August 24th 2010 by CRC Press

  6. Scale

    By Andrew Herod

    Series: Key Ideas in Geography

    Geographical scale is a central concept enabling us to make sense of the world we inhabit. Amongst other things, it allows us to declare one event or process a national one and another a global or regional one. However, geographical scales and how we think about them are profoundly...

    Published August 10th 2010 by Routledge

  7. Pulse-Jet Filtration: an Effective Way to Control Industrial Pollution

    Part 1: Theory, Selection and Design of Pulse-Jet Filter

    Edited by Arunangshu Mukhopadhyay

    Series: Textile Progress

    Pulse-jet filtration is described as one of the most efficient technologies in controlling industrial pollution across the world. This work presents the fundamental concepts involved in designing and developing pulse-jet filters under varied situations. It provides a comprehensive knowledge base...

    Published July 29th 2010 by CRC Press

  8. In Pursuit of Sustainable Development

    New governance practices at the sub-national level in Europe

    Edited by Susan Baker, Katarina Eckerberg

    Series: Routledge/ECPR Studies in European Political Science

    The book explores how implementation strategies engage sub-national, regional and local actors in the promotion of sustainable development. Following the obligations incurred at the Rio Earth Summit and the related UNCED process, European states began to produce sustainable development strategies...

    Published July 29th 2010 by Routledge

  9. The Global Governance of Food

    Edited by Sara R. Curran, April Linton, Abigail Cooke, Andrew Schrank

    Series: Rethinking Globalizations

    Food provides a particularly exciting and grounded research site for understanding the mechanisms governing global transactions in the 21st century. While food is intimately and fundamentally related to ecological and human well-being, food products now travel far flung trade routes to reach us....

    Published July 6th 2010 by Routledge

  10. Politics and Method (Routledge Revivals)

    Contrasting Studies in Industrial Geography

    Edited by Doreen Massey, Richard Meegan

    Series: Routledge Revivals

    This book, first published in 1985, explores the connections in academic research between theoretical positions, political perspectives and policy prescriptions. Five different groups of authors, who have written broadly in the fields of industrial and social geography, discuss this relationship...

    Published January 26th 2010 by Routledge