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  1. United Nations Peacekeeping in Africa Since 1960

    By Norrie Macqueen

    Series: The Postwar World

    United Nations Peacekeeping in Africa provides an exploration of United Nations military intervention in Africa, from its beginnings in the Congo in 1960 to the new operations of the twenty-first century. The scene is set by an examination of the theoretical bases both of United Nations...

    Published September 16th 2002 by Routledge

  2. Wilson and China: A Revised History of the Shandong Question

    A Revised History of the Shandong Question

    By Bruce Elleman

    Drawing on sources in Japanese, Chinese, and American archives and libraries, this book reassesses another facet of Woodrow Wilson's agenda at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War I. Breaking with accepted scholarly opinions, the author argues that Wilson did not "betray" China,...

    Published August 31st 2002 by Routledge

  3. Women and the First World War

    By Susan R. Grayzel

    Series: Seminar Studies

    The First World War was the first modern, total war, one requiring the mobilisation of both civilians and combatants. Particularly in Europe, the main theatre of the conflict, this war demanded the active participation of both men and women. Women and the First World War provides an introduction to...

    Published August 27th 2002 by Routledge

  4. The Routledge Atlas of the First World War

    2nd Edition

    By Martin Gilbert

    Series: Routledge Historical Atlases

    From its origins to its terrible legacy, the tortuous and bloody course of the Great War is vividly set out in a series of 164 fascinating maps. Together the maps form a comprehensive and compelling picture of the war that shattered Europe, and illustrate its military, social, political and...

    Published July 18th 2002 by Routledge

  5. Negotiated Empires

    Centers and Peripheries in the Americas, 1500–1820

    Edited by Christine Daniels, Michael V. Kennedy

    Series: New World in the Atlantic World

    In this innovative volume, leading historians of the early modern Americas examine the subjects of early modern, continuing colonization, and the relations between established colonies and frontiers of settlement. Their original essays about centers and peripheries in Spanish, Portuguese, French,...

    Published June 21st 2002 by Routledge

  6. The Oil Crisis

    By Fiona Venn

    Series: Turning Points

    In October 1973 two crises – one economic, one political – intersected, with dramatic and long term consequences for international relations. On 6 October, Egypt and Syria launched an attack on Israel, and within a few days the major Arab oil producers announced their support by use of the ‘...

    Published May 30th 2002 by Routledge

  7. The Age of Discovery, 1400-1600

    2nd Edition

    By David Arnold

    Series: Lancaster Pamphlets

    The Age of Discovery explores one of the most dramatic features of the late medieval and early modern period: when voyagers from Western Europe led by Spain and Portugal set out across the world and established links with Africa, Asia and the Americas. This book examines the main motivations behind...

    Published April 25th 2002 by Routledge

  8. The World in the Twentieth Century

    By Jeremy Black

    From this major author comes a totally unique history of the twentieth century. Eschewing the traditional model for histories of this kind – blow-by-blow political narratives typically overloaded with detail - Jeremy Black offers us instead a brilliant thematic account of the last 100 years...

    Published April 16th 2002 by Routledge

  9. The Early Christian Centuries

    By Philip Rousseau

    Charting the first six hundred years of the Christian movement, THE EARLY CHRISTIAN CENTURIES carries the reader from the world of second-temple Judaism to the Byzantine age, the rise of Islam, and the beginnings of medieval European polities.With a combination of rare tact and acuity, Philip...

    Published April 12th 2002 by Routledge

  10. The Origins of the First World War

    Controversies and Consensus

    By Annika Mombauer

    Series: Making History

    The seminal event of the 20th century, the origins of the First World War have always been difficult to establish and have aroused deep controversy. Annika Mombauer tracks the impassioned debates as they developed at critical points through the twentieth century. The book focuses on the...

    Published March 22nd 2002 by Routledge