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New and Published Books

  1. Principles of Scientific Methods

    By Mark Chang

    Principles of Scientific Methods focuses on the fundamental principles behind scientific methods. The book refers to "science" in a broad sense, including natural science, physics, mathematics, statistics, social science, political science, and engineering science. A principle is often abstract and...

    Published July 22nd 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  2. Basic Gambling Mathematics

    The Numbers Behind The Neon

    By Mark Bollman

    Understand the Math Underlying Some of Your Favorite Gambling Games Basic Gambling Mathematics: The Numbers Behind the Neon explains the mathematics involved in analyzing games of chance, including casino games, horse racing, and lotteries. The book helps readers understand the mathematical...

    Published June 13th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  3. Computing

    A Historical and Technical Perspective

    By Yoshihide Igarashi, Tom Altman, Mariko Funada, Barbara Kamiyama

    Exploring a vast array of topics related to computation, Computing: A Historical and Technical Perspective covers the historical and technical foundation of ancient and modern-day computing. The book starts with the earliest references to counting by humans, introduces various number systems, and...

    Published May 27th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  4. Mathematical Card Magic

    Fifty-Two New Effects

    By Colm Mulcahy

    Mathematical card effects offer both beginning and experienced magicians an opportunity to entertain with a minimum of props. Featuring mostly original creations, Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects presents an entertaining look at new mathematically based card tricks. Each chapter...

    Published September 4th 2013 by A K Peters/CRC Press

  5. Do I Count?

    Stories from Mathematics

    By Gunter M. Ziegler

    The subject of mathematics is not something distant, strange, and abstract that you can only learn about—and often dislike—in school. It is in everyday situations, such as housekeeping, communications, traffic, and weather reports. Taking you on a trip into the world of mathematics, Do I Count?...

    Published July 22nd 2013 by A K Peters/CRC Press

  6. The Geometry of Vector Fields (Routledge Revivals)

    By Yu. Aminov

    Series: Routledge Revivals

    This volume, first published in 2000, presents a classical approach to the foundations and development of the geometry of vector fields, describing vector fields in three-dimensional Euclidean space, triply-orthogonal systems and applications in mechanics. Topics covered include Pfaffian forms,...

    Published May 24th 2013 by Routledge

  7. Wearing Gauss’s Jersey

    By Dean Hathout

    Wearing Gauss’s Jersey focuses on "Gauss problems," problems that can be very tedious and time consuming when tackled in a traditional, straightforward way but if approached in a more insightful fashion, can yield the solution much more easily and elegantly. The book shows how mathematical problem...

    Published May 1st 2013 by A K Peters/CRC Press

  8. Project Origami

    Activities for Exploring Mathematics, Second Edition

    By Thomas Hull

    Project Origami: Activities for Exploring Mathematics, Second Edition presents a flexible, discovery-based approach to learning origami-math topics. It helps readers see how origami intersects a variety of mathematical topics, from the more obvious realm of geometry to the fields of algebra, number...

    Published December 21st 2012 by A K Peters/CRC Press

  9. Frege, Dedekind, and Peano on the Foundations of Arithmetic (Routledge Revivals)

    By Donald Gillies

    First published in 1982, this reissue contains a critical exposition of the views of Frege, Dedekind and Peano on the foundations of arithmetic. The last quarter of the 19th century witnessed a remarkable growth of interest in the foundations of arithmetic. This work analyses both the reasons for...

    Published October 15th 2012 by Routledge

  10. Paradoxes in Scientific Inference

    By Mark Chang

    Paradoxes are poems of science and philosophy that collectively allow us to address broad multidisciplinary issues within a microcosm. A true paradox is a source of creativity and a concise expression that delivers a profound idea and provokes a wild and endless imagination. The study of paradoxes...

    Published October 15th 2012 by Chapman and Hall/CRC