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Forthcoming Statistics & Probability Books

You are currently browsing 31–40 of 138 forthcoming new books in the subject of Statistics & Probability — sorted by publish date from upcoming books to future books.

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  1. Advanced R

    By Hadley Wickham

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series

    This book focuses on the skills needed to be an advanced R developer, producing reproducible code that can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. Covering the fundamentals of R, the book explains how to represent complex data types, simplify the operations performed on them, and override...

    To Be Published November 5th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  2. Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences, Second Edition

    By Claus Thorn Ekstrøm, Helle Sørensen

    Developed from the authors’ courses at the University of Copenhagen, this text provides a computational toolbox that enables readers to perform actual analysis on real data sets and gain the confidence and skills to undertake progressively more sophisticated analyses. Though accessible with any...

    To Be Published November 7th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  3. Handbook of Missing Data

    By Geert Molenberghs, Garrett Fitzmaurice, Michael G. Kenward, Anastasios Tsiatis, Geert Verbeke

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods

    Written by a team of leading researchers in the field, this handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the theory and applications of missing data analysis. It covers historical developments, Bayesian and likelihood methods, semiparametric methods, multiple imputation,...

    To Be Published November 12th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  4. Mathematics for Finance, Business and Economics

    By Irénée Dondjio, Wouter Krasser

    Mastering the basic concepts of mathematics is the key to understanding other subjects such as Economics, Finance, Statistics, and Accounting. Mathematics for Finance, Business and Economics is written informally for easy comprehension. Unlike traditional textbooks it provides a combination of...

    To Be Published November 15th 2014 by Routledge

  5. Factor Analysis

    Classic Second Edition

    By Richard Gorsuch

    Comprehensive and comprehensible, this classic text covers the basic and advanced topics essential for using factor analysis as a scientific tool in psychology, education, sociology, and related areas. Emphasizing the usefulness of the techniques, it presents sufficient mathematical background for...

    To Be Published December 2nd 2014 by Routledge

  6. Handbook of Mixed Membership Models and Their Applications

    Edited by Edoardo M. Airoldi, David Blei, Elena A. Erosheva, Stephen E. Fienberg

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods

    Unlike classical mixture models that are limited by the assumption that each object or individual belongs to only one mixture component, mixed membership models handle various data structures and multivariate data of mixed types, including longitudinal, sparse, and relational data structures. A...

    To Be Published December 3rd 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  7. Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research, Third Edition

    By David Collett

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science

    Well known for its nontechnical style, this popular survival analysis textbook presents modern statistical techniques for handling survival data. This edition contains new chapters on frailty models and their applications, competing risks, non-proportional hazards, and dependent censoring. It also...

    To Be Published December 5th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  8. Design and Analysis of Experiments with R

    Edited by John Lawson

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science

    One of the first texts to use R to illustrate the construction of experimental designs and analysis of data, this book covers both classical ideas in experimental design and the latest research topics. It clearly discusses the objectives of a research project that lead to an appropriate design...

    To Be Published December 5th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  9. Mathematics for Economists with Applications

    By Jim Bergin

    This comprehensive textbook provides all the key elements of the mathematical toolkit necessary for students of economics, finance and business from introductory to graduate level. Covering more topics, more economic applications and examples, and more substantial problem sets than previously...

    To Be Published December 12th 2014 by Routledge

  10. Generalized Structured Component Analysis

    A Component-Based Approach to Structural Equation Modeling

    By Heungsun Hwang, Yoshio Takane

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

    This book introduces the authors’ new component-based approach to structural equation modeling (SEM): generalized structured component analysis (GSCA). The text explains the advantages and limitations of GSCA compared to traditional SEM approaches. It also discusses the relationships between GSCA...

    To Be Published December 15th 2014 by Chapman and Hall/CRC