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New and Published Books

  1. Hierarchical Micro/Nanostructured Materials

    Fabrication, Properties, and Applications

    By Weiping Cai, Guotao Duan, Yue Li

    Series: Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

    Hierarchical Micro/Nanostructured Materials: Fabrication, Properties, and Applications presents the latest fabrication, properties, and applications of hierarchical micro/nanostructured materials in two sections—powders and arrays. After a general introduction to hierarchical micro/nanostructured...

    Published July 1st 2014 by CRC Press

  2. Light-Induced Defects in Semiconductors

    Edited by Kazuo Morigaki, Harumi Hikita, Chisato Ogihara

    This book covers electronic and structural properties of light-induced defects, light-induced defect creation processes, and related phenomena in crystalline, amorphous, and microcrystalline semiconductors. It provides a theoretical treatment of recombination-enhanced defect reaction in crystalline...

    Published June 30th 2014 by Pan Stanford Publishing

  3. Electrostatics of Soft and Disordered Matter

    Edited by David S. Dean, Jure Dobnikar, Ali Naji, Rudolf Podgornik

    Recently, there has been a surge of activity to elucidate the behavior of highly charged soft matter and Coulomb fluids in general. Such systems are ubiquitous, especially in biological matter where the length scale and the strength of the interaction between highly charged biomolecules are...

    Published May 2nd 2014 by Pan Stanford Publishing

  4. Oxide Nanostructures

    Growth, Microstructures, and Properties

    Edited by Avanish Kumar Srivastava

    Nanomaterials, their synthesis, and property studies have been an obsession with modern current physicists, chemist, and materials scientists for their vast array of technological implications and the remarkable way their properties are modified or enhanced when the size dimensions are reduced to...

    Published April 9th 2014 by Pan Stanford Publishing

  5. Two-Dimensional Carbon

    Fundamental Properties, Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications

    Edited by Wu Yihong, Shen Zexiang, Yu Ting

    Series: Pan Stanford Series on Carbon-Based Nanomaterials

    After a brief introduction to the fundamental properties of graphene, this book focuses on synthesis, characterization and application of various types of two-dimensional (2D) nanocarbons ranging from single/few layer graphene to carbon nanowalls and graphene oxides. Three major synthesis...

    Published April 9th 2014 by Pan Stanford Publishing

  6. Nanostructured Semiconductors

    From Basic Research to Applications

    Edited by Petra Granitzer, Klemens Rumpf

    This book focuses on nanostructured semiconductors, their fabrication, and their application in various fields such as optics, acoustics, and biomedicine. It presents a compendium of recent developments in nanostructured and hybrid materials and also contains a collection of principles and...

    Published March 11th 2014 by Pan Stanford Publishing

  7. Amorphous Chalcogenides

    Advances and Applications

    Edited by Rong Ping Wang

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of the chalcogenide glass science and various applications based on the glasses. It starts with a review on the glass-forming ability of various systems, followed by a discussion on the structural and physical properties of various chalcolgenide glasses...

    Published March 5th 2014 by Pan Stanford Publishing

  8. Biomineralization Sourcebook

    Characterization of Biominerals and Biomimetic Materials

    Edited by Elaine DiMasi, Laurie B. Gower

    What does it mean to be at the forefront of a characterization technique? Novel implementation and research, finding new ways to visualize composites, and new techniques all play a role. Yet with the myriad of advances in the field, keeping up with new and advanced techniques, often from many...

    Published February 25th 2014 by CRC Press

  9. Detonation Nanodiamonds

    Science and Applications

    Edited by Alexander Vul', Olga Shenderova

    A comprehensive overview of detonation nanodiamond particles produced by detonation of carbon-containing explosives, this book discusses the technology of synthesis and the effect of various technological parameters on the structure and physicochemical properties of nanodiamonds. It explores the...

    Published February 21st 2014 by Pan Stanford Publishing

  10. Dynamics of Classical and Quantum Fields

    An Introduction

    By Girish S. Setlur

    Dynamics of Classical and Quantum Fields: An Introduction focuses on dynamical fields in non-relativistic physics. Written by a physicist for physicists, the book is designed to help readers develop analytical skills related to classical and quantum fields at the non-relativistic level, and think...

    Published December 5th 2013 by CRC Press