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  1. The Construction of Mental Representations During Reading

    Edited by Herre van Oostendorp, Susan R. Goldman

    This volume presents in-depth investigations of the processes of meaning-making during reading at both local (discourse) and global (general knowledge) levels. It considerably extends our knowledge of how mental representations are constructed and updated during reading. The book also provides...

    Published November 1st 1998 by Psychology Press

  2. Reforming Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

    Teachers' Responses and the Prospects for Systemic Reform

    By S.G. Grant

    In this book S.G. Grant reports his study of how four Michigan elementary school teachers manage a range of reforms (such as new tests, textbooks, and curriculum frameworks) in three different school subjects (reading, writing, and mathematics). Two significant findings emerge from his comparison...

    Published October 1st 1998 by Routledge

  3. Electronic Collaborators

    Learner-centered Technologies for Literacy, Apprenticeship, and Discourse

    Edited by Curtis Jay Bonk, Kira S. King

    Two developments in recent years have converged to dramatically alter most conceptions of the teaching and learning process. First, technology has become increasingly interactive and distributed, such that individual learners have available the means to participate in incredibly complex networks of...

    Published October 1st 1998 by Routledge

  4. Foreign Language Learning

    Psycholinguistic Studies on Training and Retention

    Edited by Alice F. Healy, Lyle E. Bourne, Jr.

    Based on a research project funded by the Army Research Institute, Foreign Language Learning reports original empirical and theoretical research on foreign language acquisition and makes recommendations about applications to foreign language instruction. The ultimate goal of this project was to...

    Published October 1st 1998 by Psychology Press

  5. Literacy Development in A Multilingual Context

    Cross-cultural Perspectives

    Edited by Aydin Y. Durgunoglu, Ludo Verhoeven

    During the past decades, literacy has gradually become a major concern all over the world. Though there is a great diversity in both the distribution and degree of literacy in different countries, there has been an increasing awareness of the number of illiterates and the consequences of being...

    Published September 1st 1998 by Routledge

  6. Varied Voices

    On Language and Literacy Learning

    By Linda Lonon Blanton

    "I can say with certainty that this book will add a compelling sense of depth and texture to the existing body of research in first and second language literacy." --Patricia Richard-Amato, California State University at Los Angeles Varied Voices is an ethnographic study of language and literacy...

    Published August 30th 1998 by Routledge

  7. Learning From Text Across Conceptual Domains

    Edited by Cynthia R. Hynd

    This volume is an attempt to synthesize the understandings we have about reading to learn. Although learning at all ages is discussed in this volume, the main focus is on middle and high school classrooms--critical spaces of learning and thinking. The amount of knowledge presented in written form...

    Published August 1st 1998 by Routledge

  8. Literacy in a Digital World

    Teaching and Learning in the Age of Information

    By Kathleen Tyner

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    In this book, Kathleen Tyner examines the tenets of literacy through a historical lens to demonstrate how new communication technologies are resisted and accepted over time. New uses of information for teaching and learning create a "disconnect" in the complex relationship between literacy and...

    Published August 1st 1998 by Routledge

  9. What Reading Research Tells Us About Children With Diverse Learning Needs

    Bases and Basics

    Edited by Deborah C. Simmons, Edward J. Kameenui, Edward J. Kameenui

    Series: The LEA Series on Special Education and Disability

    The purpose of this book is to communicate findings of a research synthesis investigating the bases of reading failure and the curricular and instructional basics to help guide the design and advancement of children's reading performance. The synthesis--completed by the National Center to Improve...

    Published August 1st 1998 by Routledge

  10. Constructing Meaning During Reading

    A Special Issue of scientific Studies of Reading

    Edited by Rolf A. Zwaan, Arthur C. Graesser

    The four articles in this special issue investigate how readers construct situation models and activate situationally relevant information during text comprehension....

    Published July 1st 1998 by Routledge