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A collection of Articles from ‘Protecting Main Street’ author Paul Lubin

Attached are some articles and a paper that Paul Lubin has published which describe how market research in financial services can be used to limit risk, verify compliance with the law and ensure fair and equitable consumer treatment.

Just follow the links below to view the articles.

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Fair Lending Testing:
Best Practices, Trends and Training

UCC Lubin is a paper that was written and delivered to the Harvard Understanding Consumer Credit Symposium.

American Banker Self-testing for Fair Lending

American Banker Self testing is an article that was published in American Banker describing the uses and benefits of self testing for banks.

From The New York Times, Business section, Sunday, August 14, 1994
To Detect Bias, Do What Banks Do

NY Times is an article that was published in the Sunday Business Section of the New York Times.

Mystery Shopping: The Age-Old Research Method Now Used To Help Solve New Age Business Problems

Mystery Shopping is an article that was written describing how Mystery Shopping can address new age compliance issues.

For more information or to order a copy of Paul Lubin's book 'Protecting Main Street' then Click here

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