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Featured Book: International Management 4th Edition

McFarlin and Sweeney provide students with an accessible, application-oriented approach to international management, focusing on key challenges including motivation, leadership, and communication across cultural boundaries.

In an increasingly complex and ever-changing world, International Management by McFarlin and Sweeney remains, in my opinion, unsurpassed as an undergraduate textbook. Now in its fourth edition it manages to improve on what already was a very effective balance between theory and practice covering cross-border issues affecting all levels of management." João Neiva de Figueiredo, Saint Joseph’s University

The book gives students a global perspective on the process of hiring, training, and developing employees, as well as strategic decision making in relation to foreign markets. Questions, case studies, examples of creative problem solving, and testimonials from real-world managers operating in the international arena are just a few of the tactics McFarlin and Sweeney use to help students begin to think about applied theory on a global level. All chapters have been updated with recent articles from leading business sources and academic journals, and new case studies have been incorporated.

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