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Routledge is committed to publishing information of the highest quality and we are a leading publisher of a wide range of books for everyone, from the general interest reader to the dedicated professional. Discover more about our featured selections below in Business & Management.

Recent General Interest Articles

  1. Discover Routledge’s Choice Outstanding Academic Titles for 2014!

    Routledge had more than 275 titles recommended by Choice magazine in 2014, and we are honored that 32 of these have been selected as Choice Outstanding Academic Titles 2014! To celebrate, we've collected all our Choice Outstanding Academic Titles selections from 2014, 2013, and 2012 in one online catalog for you to browse and share with colleagues and your institutional librarian

  2. Political Marketing in the United States

    We've asked the contributing authors to tell us a little bit about their chapters in Political Marketing in the United States and their thoughts on the political marketing relevance to the practice of politics.

    "Lees-Marshment, Conley, and Cosgrove have made an enormous contribution to our understanding of political marketing, not just by bringing together prominent scholars all addressing an emerging and critical trend in American politics, but by offering us a coherent definition of how marketing in politics differs from mere campaign communications.” —Christopher Arterton, The George Washington University

  3. Where to begin Business Ethics?

    We are proud to inform you that Bob and Gretchen Tricker, authors of Business Ethics:A stakeholder, governance and risk approach, have published an article in The European Financial Review. They explain the importance of business ethics and why it should be an essential part of decision making, especially when it comes to business.

    Reat the full The European Financial Review article here.


  4. Save 20% on Selected Accounting and Taxation Titles

    Routledge Business, Management and Accounting are pleased to offer 20% discount* on a selected list of Accounting and Taxation titles below. To redeem your discount, order online and enter the discount code PRK90 at the checkout at

    *This 20% discount is only available on the selected titles ordered directly from our website, until 31st December 2014, and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

  5. Marketing titles for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

    Have you seen the range of marketing titles from Tourism, Hospitality and Events? Simply click here to browse our titles.

  6. Forward Thinking: Innovation

    Routledge Books and Journals are delighted to present this virtual collection on Innovation in Business.

    Forward Thinking: Innovation brings together free to view book chapters, and free access journal articles, and highlights some of our key titles and the highest quality research in this area, all in one place. Read More...

  7. Public Management

    Explore Public Management with Routledge!

    Browse and read free Routledge books and journal articles on Public Management & enjoy a 20% discount!*

  8. Forward Thinking: Entrepreneurship

    We are pleased to present Forward Thinking, a series of virtual collections of free content by Routledge Business Books and Journals. We will focus on hot topics and ideas surrounding the subjects of Business, Management and Accounting and put them together in virtual collections of free to view content.

    This latest collection highlights recent issues in Entrepreneurship. For a limited time one entire book and selected chapters of relevant titles are completely free to view, whilst a collection of the best Journals research articles are also free to access.

    Browse free articles, books and chapters on Entrepreneurship & enjoy a 20% discount!*

  9. Trouble in the Middle

    Steven P. Feldman, Professor of Business Ethics, Weatherhead School of Management, explains his latest publication Trouble in the Middle: American-Chinese Business Relations, Culture, Conflict, and Ethics.

  10. The Power of Paradox

    "Based on her vast experience with organizations and fascinating interviews with both named and anonymous leaders in many areas of life, Nina Rosoff identifies seven paradoxes that they must all confront. Full of real stories, the issues come alive in this book. And though it may sound unorthodox, the Protean Leadership Model she develops provides insight and hope to all who wish to lead successfully in this uncertain time."Lotte Bailyn, Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

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