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Routledge publishes quality textbooks in a variety of disciplines and course subjects. We are committed to providing course materials to instructors and students that are both engaging and innovative. You can learn more about our textbooks by viewing our featured selections below in Business & Management. You can also browse textbooks in all subjects or check out our companion websites.

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  1. New Business and Management Textbooks for your Fall 2015 courses!

    Instructors considering any of the below books as a core text on relevant courses may request a complimentary exam copy by either following the appropriate links or emailing

  2. Routledge Business 2014-2015 Catalog Now Online!

    Your resource for Routledge Business, Management and Accounting textbooks.  Click here for more information.

  3. Note from Gerard Seijts, author of Good Leaders Learn

    The concept of "the born leader" suggests that good leadership is just a function of natural selection. But talent or aptitude is a necessary but not sufficient ingredient for leadership success. Situational factors such as taking on the role of captain of a sports team, serving on student council, volunteering in a church group, workplace learning programs and many other formative and transformative experiences can foster the development of leadership competencies and character.

    How do leaders go through the learning process? How do individuals learn to become leaders or better leaders? What are the formative experiences that influence leaders? The book Good Leaders Learn seeks to answer this question through in-depth interviews with senior leaders in North America, Asia and India.

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  4. Business Textbooks Quarterly III.

    Instructors considering any of the below books as a core text on relevant courses with 12 or more students may request a complimentary exam copy by emailing

  5. Interview with Ira Kaufman and Chris Horton, Authors of Digital Marketing

    Interview excerpt:

    Why did you write Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values?

    In consulting with various corporations and nonprofits and in teaching students, we noted a widening gap between the expectations of the rapidly evolving digital marketplace and the preparedness of business practitioners and students. Digital marketing education as a distinct subject was almost nonexistant, and static print textbooks were quickly becoming an anconronism in the digital age.

    Challenged to do our part to close the “digital gap,” we set out to develop a new approach to digital marketing education, one that updates traditional marketing concepts and rethinks traditional lecture styles and resource delivery methods in lieu of digital. The result is, we believe, an innovation – a comprehensive primer on digital marketing that offers practical guidance to current business managers and executives and relevant training to future business leaders.

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  6. Note from Belay Seyoum, author of Export-Import Theory, Practices and Procedures, 3rd Edition

    Export-Import Theory, Practices and Procedures continues to provide a comprehensive exploration of export-import theories, rules, practices and procedures for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate courses in international business, international trade and related subjects.

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  7. What makes a Good Enough Manager a GEM?

    Step into the shoes of a New Yorker clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst and see management theory through his eyes.

    Read articles on and the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

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  8. Free Preview for International Business, 3rd Edition by Oded Shenkar, Yadong Luo and Tailan Chi

    Routledge Business is pleased to announce the publication of International Business, 3rd Edition, by Oded Shenkar, Yadong Luo and Tailan Chi.

    The third edition of International Business offers an action-focused, practical approach to the topic, helping students understand the global business environment and its repercussions for executives. The book provides thorough coverage of the field, delving into fundamental concepts and theory; the cultural, political, and economic environment; international business strategies; and even functional management areas.

    Click here for more information and a free preview to the book. 

  9. What are Antenarratives?

    In a recent radio show, Boje's concept of antenarrative is given application: "The antenarrative is the story that no one can tell. Not even the people who were there. It is chaotic, without logic and disconnected. It is the way things actually happen."



  10. Business Textbooks Quarterly II.

    Browse our Business, Management and Accounting textbooks published from April till the end of June!

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