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Second Language Acquisition

  1. Acquisition of Second Language Syntax

    By Susan Braidi

    The issue of syntactic development is one of the most central in both linguistics and applied linguistics. Assuming no detailed background knowledge of linguistics, this is an introduction to the acquisition of syntax in a second language. The text builds a coherent picture of second language...

    Published October 2nd 1998 by Routledge

  2. Individual Differences in Second Language Learning

    By Peter Skehan

    Understanding the way in which learners differ from one another is of fundamental concern to those involved in second-language acquisition, either as researchers or teachers. This account is the first to review at book length the important research into differences, considering matters such as...

    Published March 1st 1989 by Routledge

  3. Second Language Learning and Language Teaching

    4th Edition

    By Vivian Cook

    The fourth edition of this classic textbook has been revised to reflect recent developments in language teaching and learning yet retains the basic structure and approach so popular with its readers. Teaching and learning content has been updated, particularly taking into account the rise of...

    Published June 27th 2008 by Routledge

  4. Understanding Second Language Acquisition

    By Lourdes Ortega

    Series: Understanding Language

    Whether we grow up with one, two, or several languages during our early years of life, many of us will learn a second, foreign, or heritage language in later years. The field of Second language acquisition (SLA, for short) investigates the human capacity to learn additional languages in late...

    Published November 28th 2008 by Routledge