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Multi-Volume Sets

Routledge Library Editions are collections of books from Routledge's past: facsimile editions of books from any of the imprints with which Taylor & Francis has been associated. The volumes can be purchased individually, or as a set, either as print or ebooks.

Routledge Major Works are sets on a theme edited by one or more leading experts. Major Works bring together for the first time published material from diverse sources such as journal articles and book chapters. Each Major Work benefits from a new introduction by the editor/s putting the work in context. Major Works are fully indexed.

Below are a few recent highlights. Click on a subject heading below left, beneath the Multi-Volume Sets heading, to see sets by topic.

  1. Forensic Psychology

    Edited by Jennifer M. Brown

    Series: Critical Concepts in Psychology

    In recent decades, the remit of forensic psychology has considerably widened. From an original, narrow focus on presenting evidence to the courts, its scope now spreads across the whole span of civil and criminal justice. Forensic psychologists are now intimately involved with suspects, offenders,...

    Published November 10th 2014 by Routledge

  2. Gender and Psychology

    Edited by Vivien Burr

    Series: Critical Concepts in Psychology

    Nearly forty years after the passage of the Sex Discrimination and the Equal Pay Acts in the UK, and after similar legislative and judicial interventions in other jurisdictions around the world, women and men are still – by and large – following traditionally gendered educational and work careers....

    Published September 28th 2014 by Routledge