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We provide researchers, professionals, lecturers and students with books, Journals, eProducts, Resources and Information in the subject of Civil Engineering

On these pages you will find information on the Routledge list which covers Civil Engineering History, Concrete & Cement, Marine and Offshore Structures, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering

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Featured news and products from Routledge Civil Engineering


  1. Featured Book: Hazards and the Built Environment

    Presenting seven guiding principles, drawn from a broad range of disciplines and approaches, Hazards and the Built Environment tackles the difficult questions about what can be done to attain built-in resilience.

  2. Civil Engineering Textbook Catalog

    The new civil engineering catalog is now available to view online. Read it online.

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  1. Featured Book: Soil Liquefaction

    Soil Liquefaction: A Critical State Approach by Mike Jefferies and Ken Been (both at Golder Associates) brings together a large body of information on soil liquefaction and presents it within a unified and simple framework.

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Research & Reference

  1. Featured Book: Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design

    Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design by Victor Gioncu (University of Timisoara) and Federico M. Mazzolani (University of Naples) is the essential guide for professionals working on structures in earthquake zones around the world.

  2. Featured Title: Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design

    Covering the basis and basics of the major international codes, this is the essential guide for professionals working on structures in earthquake zones around the world.

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General Interest

  1. Featured Author - Chanakya Ayra, Design of Structural Elements

    Chanakya Arya is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University College, London. Design of Structural Elements is now in it's third edition this popular textbook provides a concise single volume introduction to the design of structural elements in concrete, steel, timber, masonry and composites. Up to date design principles and guidance are given in line with both British Standards and Eurocodes, current as of late 2007. An accompanying solutions manual is available online.


  2. Featured Author - Tony Waltham, Foundations of Engineering Geology

    Tony Waltham lives in Nottingham, UK, having now retired from many years as a university lecturer in engineering geology. the third edition of his best selling book, Foundations in Engineering Geology, is now in full color, and provides a readable and highly illustrated overview of the aspects of geology that are most significant to civil engineers

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  1. Featured Book: Rebuilding After Disasters

    Rebuilding After Disasters: From Emergency to Sustainability is an essential text for decision makers, students, and researchers in the fields of architecture, social sciences, engineering, planning, geography, and disaster recovery.

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