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Browse all of the latest news and updates from Routledge Civil Engineering. We regularly publish helpful information and news within the area of Civil Engineering to celebrate our publishing program and the individuals that make it possible.

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  1. Spon's Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book 2014

    Accessing Spon’s Online

  2. Featured Book: Rebuilding After Disasters

    Rebuilding After Disasters: From Emergency to Sustainability is an essential text for decision makers, students, and researchers in the fields of architecture, social sciences, engineering, planning, geography, and disaster recovery.

  3. Spon Press Civil Engineering is now on Facebook and Twitter

    Make sure you follow us for regular updates on new and upcoming publications, conference news, award announcements, special discounts and the occasional fun discussion.Join us on Twitter and Facebook.

  4. Civil Engineering, Building and Construction Best Selling Books

    Top 10 of best selling titles in Civil Engineering and Construction books published by Spon Press. For more comprehensive list of what books are availble in this area see our catalogs

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