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Browse all of the latest news and updates from Routledge Cultural Studies. We regularly publish helpful information and news within the area of Cultural Studies to celebrate our publishing program and the individuals that make it possible.

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  1. RMSM series

    View Inside the Routledge Music and Screen Media Series

    The Routledge Music and Screen Media Series, edited by Neil Lerner, offers edited collections of original essays on music in particular genres of film, television, video games and new media. These edited essay collections are written for an interdisciplinary audience. View Inside selected chapters of books in this series - read on for details. 

  2. Film Studies and Film Production: New and Key Titles 2014 Catalog - Now Available Online

    We are excited to present our new titles in film studies, film production and postproduction. This year’s list ranges from undergraduate textbooks to edited collections, handbooks and scholarly monographs. You can now browse through the catalog at 

  3. Science Fiction TV

    Visit Routledge at SCMS 2014

    Are you attending the Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Seattle? We hope to see you there!

  4. Joseph Turow - Media Today

    Featured Author - Joseph Turow

    Exclusive Interview - Media Today: Mass Communication in a Converging World, 5th Edition

    Joseph Turow discusses his new edition of Media Today and the issues surrounding mass communication in a converging world.

  5. My New Gender Workbook Cover

    My New Gender Workbook - Best Summer Books 2013

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving World Peace Through Gender Anarchy and Sex Positivity, 2nd Edition

    By Kate Bornstein

    My New Gender Workbook has been named by Publishers Weekly as one of the ‘Best Summer Books 2013’.

    Read the review...

  6. Book launch in NYC for H. Aram Veeser’s Edward Said

    H. Aram Veeser, author of Edward Said: The Charisma of Criticism will be holding a book launch at 7pm on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at Alwan for the Arts in NYC.  More information about the event can be found on Alwan for the Arts’ website.

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