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Routledge publishes quality textbooks in a variety of disciplines and course subjects. We are committed to providing course materials to instructors and students that are both engaging and innovative. You can learn more about our textbooks by viewing our featured selections below in Cultural Studies. You can also browse textbooks in all subjects or check out our companion websites.

Recent Textbooks Articles

  1. Global Film Book

    Guest Blog - Routledge author Roy Stafford

    'The film world is changing and the most exciting films are oftentimes being made outside the English-speaking world...'

    Roy Stafford, author of The Global Film Book, considers film studies from a global perspective. Read his guest blog here today!

  2. Cultural Study Textbooks

    Are you teaching a cultural studies course next semester?

    Routledge have a number of cultural studies textbooks which could fit your needs.

    Learn more about our cultural studies titles and request your complimentary exam copy if you teach a related course...

  3. Joseph Turow - Media Today

    Featured Author - Joseph Turow

    Exclusive Interview - Media Today: Mass Communication in a Converging World, 5th Edition

    Joseph Turow discusses his new edition of Media Today and the issues surrounding mass communication in a converging world.

  4. An Introduction to Design and Culture

    1900 to the Present, 3rd Edition

    By Penny Sparke

    This third edition of An Introduction to Design and Culture has been revised and updated throughout to include issues of globalization, sustainability and digital/interactive design.

    Order your complimentary exam copy...

  5. Book Cover

    Understanding Popular Music Culture

    4th Edition

    By Roy Shuker

    This extensively revised new edition of Understanding Popular Music Culture provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the production, distribution, consumption and meaning of popular music and the difficulties and debates that surround the analysis of popular culture and popular music.


  6. Contemporary British Art: An Introduction

    Never, according to an article by the art critic Louisa Buck in the Evening Standard magazine last year, has the following quotation from US Museum Director Thomas Hoving, seemed more apt: ‘Art is sexy! Art is money-sexy! Art is money-sexy-social-climbing-fantastic!’ This book provides an introduction to British art, in all its money-sexy glory, from the YBA’s to the present. It covers a range of art forms, from painting and sculpture to video and installation art.

  7. 2010 Cultural Studies Catalog Now Available Online!

    Browse all the latest and bestselling books in Cultural Studies in our 2010 online catalog!

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