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Chapter 1


Professor Simon Croom of the University of San Diego discusses operations and strategy within the supply chain with Nigel Slack, Professor of Operations at Warwick Business School:




Model T Ford:

Aravind Eye Clinics:

Tools and Resources:

Value stream mapping:

Strategy tools – SWOT analysis:


Chapter 4


Armin Rau, Sicap -

Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Minimonos:

Suzana Moreira, Mowoza -

Tesco -

Veeder Root -

3M -

Simon Tucker, Young Foundation  -

Finnegans Fish Bar -

Emma Taylor, Denso Systems -

Patrick McLaughlin, Cerulean -

Roy Sandbach, Procter and Gamble -

Girish Prabhu, Shristi Labs -


Public sector innovation -

Aravind eye clinics -

Tesco -

Marshalls -

Zara -

Model T Ford -


Dimming of the light bulb

Music industry -

Model T Ford

Philips -

Hosiden Besson -


Forte -

Cerulean -

Lego -

Threadless -

Procter and Gamble -

Freeplay energy -

Tools and Resources:

Innovation audit –

The Future of Innovation -

INFU (Innovation Futures for Europe) Project -

Exercises and Games:

Innovation audit interactive version -

Discontinuous innovation audit interactive version -

4Ps innovation space interactive version -

Strategic advantage through innovation –

Architecture and component innovation -

Sector innovation patterns -

Group discussion exercise –Success and failure -

Knowledge mapping -

Other Assignments and Assessments:

Reflective case studies: all at

  • Freeplay Energy
  • Marshalls
  • Coloplast
  • The dimming of the light bulb

Chapter 5


Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Minimonos


Atkins Green building -

Green automotive -

Tools and Resources:

Value stream mapping -

Nespresso Sustainable Coffee Network -

Fairtrade Foundation -

Greenpeace - Purse-seining: When Fishing Methods Go Bad -

Fishfight campaign -

Principles for Responsible Investment -

ISO 26000-Social Responsibility -

Environment, Health, and Safety Committee Note on Life Cycle Assessment -

International Programme on the State of the Ocean -  

The Carbon Trust -

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Kyoto Protocol) -

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -

The UN’s International Labour Organization -

PlanetSolar -,

DNV Shipping -

SkySails -

Food Ethics Council -

The Ecologist: Councils using chip fat as fuel and road filler

Volkswagen Efficiency & BlueMotion Technologies

Reverse Logistics Association -

Davis, S. J., and Caldeira, K. (2010) Consumption-based accounting of CO2 emissions PNAS March 8, 2010

John Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line -

The United Nations Population Division - World Population Prospects -

Chapter 6


Veeder Root -

Emma Taylor, Denso

Patrick McLaughlin, Cerulean -

David Simoes-Brown, 100% Open -


Cerulean -


Hosiden Besson -

3M -


Forte -

Model T Ford -

Policy deployment examples –

Aravind eye clinics -

Lifespring Hospitals – to follow shortly

NHL Hospitals - to follow shortly

Tools and Resources:

Continuous improvement tools -

Teambuilding -

Brainstorming -

Problem-solving tools -

Open-I: Open Innovation within the Firm -

Exercises and Games:

Interactive creativity assessment tool -

Chapter 9

Tools and Resources:

BPIC (The Business Performance Improvement Company)

Bloomberg Businessweek: The Downside of Just-in-Time Inventory

Chapter 11


Tesco -


Tesco -

Aravind -

Tools and Resources:

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics -

USA Today: Borders closing signals changes in bookselling industry

Call to Cancel AOL Account -

Chapter 12

Tools and Resources:

Forum for the Future -

The Natural Step -

John Elkington -

_connect -

The Centre for Remanufacture and Reuse -

China Briefing -