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This companion website provides an array of supplementary materials to accompany the latest edition of AS Level Psychology, by Michael W. Eysenck.

The Student Resources include:

  • Links to related websites and further reading
  • Flash cards to test definitions of key terms
  • A set of ‘Discussion Points’ which could arise from some of the self-assessment questions in the margins of the textbook
  • About the chapters: an introduction to the approach used and summary of the subject matter of each chapter
  • A comprehensive chapter-by-chapter glossary of key terms used in the book

In addition, the Teacher Resources include:

  • A PowerPoint presentation for each chapter, which can be used to support lectures. These presentations clearly summarise the material for each chapter and are illustrated with diagrams from the book
  • A testbank of multiple-choice questions
  • Exercises for use in the classroom

Discussion Points

Throughout AS Level Psychology you may have noticed self-assessment questions in orange text in the margins. These are discussion points, designed to help you think about the key issues and research in the text, and to consider how you can apply psychology to real life. Although in many cases there is no correct answer to these questions, we have provided a series of example discussions that could arise from thinking about some of these points. They should also help you structure your thinking on the topic in question.