The Digital Musician

2nd Edition

By Andrew Hugill

Routledge – 2012 – 316 pages

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The Digital Musician is a textbook for creative music technology and electronic music courses. It provides an overview of sound properties, acoustics, digital music, and sound design as a basis for understanding the compositional possibilities that new music technologies allow. Creative projects allow students to apply key concepts covered in each chapter. Topics covered include hardware hacking, live coding, interactive music, sound manipulation and transformation, software instruments, networked performance, as well as critical listening and analysis.


  • Readers Guides outline the major topics in each chapter
  • Project boxes for both individuals and groups throughout each chapter
  • Annotated Listening Lists for each chapter, with accompanying playlists on the companion website
  • Recommended Further Reading and Discussion Questions at the end of each chapter
  • Case studies of actual composers, with contributed projects
  • Companion website includes reading lists, links to audio and video, and slides for use in the classroom.


'Hugill's text, in keeping with his subject - the digitally networked, culturally savvy musician - reaches beyond the mere printed page through the inclusion of copious and wide-ranging listening examples, recommended further reading and creative projects… this book ticks all of the educational boxes replete with a wealth of resources to satisfy both the student and educator alike… one of the major strengths of this book is the author's lateral thinking and his almost virtuosic ability to draw together a wealth of technical and aesthetic ideas in order to illustrate his points… The Digital Musician is a highly stimulating book that asks of its readers as many questions as it attempts to answer. As such it is strongly recommended.' - Organised Sound

'The Digital Musician is an important summary of key issues concerning music practitioners using digital technologies. As an electronic musician, I found the volume stimulating and as potentially prompting further investigation into the field… [it] is a stimulating resource for students, educators and artists looking to expand their skills and examine their inspirations and motivations.' - Martin Koszolko, RMIT University, Dance Cult


Part 1. Engaging 1. Creative Identity 2. Aural Awareness 3. Understanding Sound 4. Listening to Digital Music Part 2. Creating 5. Organising Sound 6. Processing Sound 7. Creating Music 8. Instruments and Media 9. Performing 10. Digital Musicianship Part 3. Knowing 11. Cultural Context 12. Critical Engagement 13. Digital Music 14. Analysing Digital Music Part 4. Being 15. The Digital World 16. Case Studies

Author Bio

Andrew Hugill is Director of the Institute Of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, where he founded the Music Technology programme.


Welcome to the website for The Digital Musician by Andrew Hugill.

The aim of The Digital Musician is to explore what it means to be a musician in the digital age. It examines musical skills, cultural awareness and artistic identity, through the prism of recent technological innovations. New technologies, and especially the new digital technologies, mean that anyone can produce music without musical training.

The Digital Musician asks: Why make music? What music to make? How do we know what is good? The answers involve developing a personal aesthetic, an awareness of the context for one’s work and certain musical and technical abilities.

The website contains Playlists, a large collection of Links, Case Study pages that include full interviews and a complete Bibliography. The Projects pages contain additional projects and repertoire that is not included in the book itself.