Regional Planning

By John Glasson, Tim Marshall

Routledge – 2008 – 336 pages

Series: Natural and Built Environment Series

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Regional Planning provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and theory of regional planning in the UK. Drawing on examples from throughout the UK, it provides students and practitioners with a descriptive and analytical foundation for understanding this rapidly changing area of planning.

The book includes four main sections covering:

  • the context and history of regional planning
  • theoretical approaches
  • evolving practice
  • future prospects.

New questions and methods of theorizing are explored and new connections made with contemporary debates in geography, political science and planning theory. The elements of critical analysis allow both practitioners and more advanced students to reflect upon their activities in a contemporary context.

Regional Planning is the essential, up-to-date text for students interested in all aspects of this increasingly influential subject.


Part 1: Context 1. Introduction 2. A Short History of UK Regional Planning Part 2: Theorising Regional Planning 3. Theorising Regional Planning: Processes 4. Theorising Regional Planning:Substantive Part 3: Evolving UK Practice 5. The New English Regional Planning 6. Regional Planning in Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland: The ‘Devolved’ System 7. Making and Executing Regional Spatial Plans 8. Components of Regional Planning: Economy 9. Components of Regional Planning: Housing 10. Components of Regional Planning: Transport 11. Components of Regional Planning: Environment 12. Processes and Politics in Regional Planning Part 4: Wider Prospects –European and Future 13. Regional Planning in a European Context 14. Conclusions

Author Bio

John Glasson is Professor of Environmental Planning, Research Director of the Impacts Assessment Unit (IAU) and co-director of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD) at Oxford Brookes University. He is author of An Introduction to Regional Planning.

Tim Marshall is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Planning at Oxford Brookes University. He is a member of the IAU and his research is based across regional planning, the politics of planning and infrastructure and environment.