Useful Websites
A general online encyclopaedia but always use with caution as some articles are more reliable than others
A general introduction to Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis
An introduction to environmental ethics by Partridge
An introduction to environmental ethics by Epstein
The highly respected Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Detailed knowledge of ten major belief traditions, housed at REonline (the world’s leading RE research portal )
Details of the AQA Religious Studies specification
Notes on the work of Annette Baier from Dowling College, New York
Regularly updated details of BBC associated programmes and articles on ethics
Articles and links on Philosophy and Business Ethics etc.
An indispensable source of video clips on religious, philosophical and ethical issues
Countless resources and articles on Kant with links to other related websites
Articles on philosophy and ethics based on the work of Ayn Rand
Online exercises on philosophy and ethics
An entire website devoted to the theory and housed at Oakland University, USA
Roman Catholic website which covers all aspects of the faith including philosophical and ethical issues
An online version of An Essay in aid of a Grammar of Assent by Newman
Kant’s works online
Online chapters of Freud’s From The Future of an Illusion (1927)
Online texts from recognised scholars on many issues including ethics
Site working for religious tolerance across faiths and also looking at current ethical issues
Scholarly article on Kant from the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Useful revision site covering all the main topics of philosophy and ethics
Very useful for all A level RS – e.g. Newman on conscience
The Church of Scotland’s Science, Religion and Technology Project focussing on ethics
A Roman Catholic site for Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education
A student discussion room on philosophy and ethics
A detailed survey of Utilitarianism
Materials on Utilitarianism
Online version of Mill’s Utilitarianism
A critique of Mill’s Utilitarianism from the National University of Singapore