Tourism Management

4th Edition

By Stephen J. Page

Routledge – 2011 – 382 pages

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    March 21st 2011
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One of the leading texts in the field, Tourism Management is the ideal introduction to the fundamentals of tourism as you study for a degree, diploma or single module in the subject.

It is written in an engaging style that assumes no prior knowledge of tourism and builds up your understanding as you progress through this wide ranging global review of the principles of managing tourism. It traces the evolution and future development of tourism and the challenges facing tourism managers in this fast growing sector of the world economy. This book is highly illustrated with diagrams and colour images, and contains short case studies of contemporary themes of interest, as well as new data and statistics.

This title also has a companion website for students and lecturers which includes quizzes, further reading, web reading, extra case studies and PowerPoint slides to aid both teaching and learning.


1. Tourism Today 2. Demand: Why Do People Engage in Tourism? 3. Transporting the Tourist I: Surface Transport 4. Transporting the Tourist II: The Aviation Sector 5. Accommodation and Hospitality Services 6. Tour Operating and Travel Retailing 7. Visitor Attractions 8. The Management of Tourism 9. The Public Sector and Tourism 10. Managing the Visitor and their Impacts 11. The Future of Tourism: Post Tourism

Author Bio

Stephen Page is Professor of Tourism at Bournemouth University.