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Introduction to Part II: Build Something Fresh John Ploof

John Ploof is an artist and Professor of Art Education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Email:

Ploof links:

The Object of Labor: Art, Cloth and Cultural Production

With Love from Haha: Essays and Notes on a Collective Art Practice


Carrie Sandahl, Kaisa Leka: Confusing the Disability/Ability Divide

Kaisa Leka is a Finnish comic artist and politician from Porvoo.

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Kaisa Leka


Absolute Truth Press


Kaisa Leka on MySpace

Carrie Sandahl
is an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, specializing in disability art and culture. Email:

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Faculty Page

Disabled Women on the Web

Chicago Artists Resource

Dónal O'Donoghue, Darrel Morris: Men Don't Sew in Public

Darrel Morris is an artist and storyteller living in southeastern Kentucky. He has received the Louis Comfort Tiffany Fellowship and the Richard Driehaus Foundation Artist Award.

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Dónal O’Donoghue is an Associate Professor and Chair of Art Education at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Email:

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Faculty Profile

Anne-Marie Tupuola, Nicholas Galanin: Imaginary Indian and the Indigenous Gaze

Nicholas Galanin is a contemporary artist from Tlingit/Aleut, Sitka, Alaska.

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Anne-Marie Tupuola
is an independent international academic, consultant and researcher who has recently relocated to New York from London, U.K. Email:

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UN-HABITAT Presentation

Dalida María Benfield, Kimsooja: The Performance of Universality

Kimsooja is an installation and video artist. In her work, everyday actions—sewing or doing laundry—become performative experiences. She was born in Taegu, Korea and now lives and works in New York.

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Dalida María Benfield
is a digital media artist, scholar, and activist, and is currently a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Email:

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Buzz Spector, Xu Bing: Words of Art

Xu Bing works out of his studios in Beijing and Brooklyn, and since 2008 has served as vice president of The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

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YouTube (Forest Project)

Buzz Spector
is Dean of the College and Graduate School of Art in the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. Email:

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Faculty Profile

James Haywood Rolling, Jr., Bernard Williams: Art as Reinterpretation, Identity as Art

Bernard Williams is a painter, sculptor, muralist, and installation artist based in Chicago, Illinois. He is represented by the Thomas McCormick Gallery in Chicago.

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James Haywood Rolling, Jr.
is Chair and Dual Associate Professor of Art Education and Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University.

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Faculty Page


Elizabeth Delacruz, Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds: Beyond the Chief

Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds has been teaching at University of Oklahoma since 1988 while lecturing/exhibiting his work in New York, Australia, India, China, Europe, Cheyenne/Arapaho, and Dine Nations.

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Faculty Profile


Elizabeth Delacruz
is Professor of Art Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Email:

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Faculty Page

G. E. Washington, Samuel Fosso: Queering Performances of Realness

Samuel Fosso is a Cameroonian photographer, born in 1962. He explores self-identity and portraiture through his work by taking on and documenting the roles of others.

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jean marc patras galerie



G. E. Washington
is Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Education at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. Email:

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Olivia Gude, Cultural Conversations in Spiral Curriculum

Olivia Gude, Founding Director of Spiral Workshop, is a Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a community-based public artist.

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Faculty Profile

Miia Collanus and Tiina Heinonen, Arts Making as an Act of Theory

Miia Collanus is a lecturer in craft education in University of Helsinki. Email:

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University of Helsinki Research Database—Latest Publications


Tiina Heinonen studies in the textile teacher study program at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Email:

Korina Jocson and Brett Cook, Pedagogy, Collaboration, and Transformation: A Conversation with Brett Cook

Brett Cook is an artist, educator, and healer based in Berkeley, California.

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Korina Jocson
is Assistant Professor of Education in the College of Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. Email:

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Faculty Page