Part IV - Voices of Teachers


Graeme Sullivan: Introduction to Part IV: Art Matters

Graeme Sullivan is an artist, professor, and Director, School of Visual Arts, The Pennsylvania State University.

Sullivan links:

Streetworksart Website




Maura Nugent: Holding the Camera

Maura Nugent is an English teacher. She co-founded the Social Justice Academy at Kelvyn Park High School in Chicago, Illinois.

Nugent links:

Interview, AREA Chicago

Keith (K-Dub) Williams: The Streets Are Our Canvas: Skateboarding, Hip-Hop, and School

Keith “K-Dub” Williams is an artist and art educator and lives in Oakland, California. He is founder and creator of Tha Hood Games youth art and skateboard festivals. Email:

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Youth in Arts

Tha Hood Games/K-Dub Art Mix

Tha Hood Games

Jesse Senechal: The Zine Teacher's Dilemma

Jesse Senechal is a doctoral student in educational research at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. Email:

Senechal links:

Interview, AREA Chicago

Brief History of the Kelvyn Park Social Justice Academy

Delaney Gersten Susie: Miracle on 79th Street: Using Community as Curriculum

Delaney Gersten Susie is an art teacher at Scott Joplin Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois. Email:

Susie links:

School Website

Bert Stabler: Public School, Public Failure, Public Art?

Bert Stabler is a high-school art teacher, writer, curator, and artist in Chicago. His good intentions keep him warm at night.

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William Estrada: Animating The Bill of Rights

William Estrada teaches at Telpochcalli Elementary School in programs funded by Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and teaches in other CPS Schools through Art Resources in Teaching. Email:

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Faculty Profile

Anne Thulson: Think Twice, Make Once

Anne Thulson is Assistant Professor of Art Education at Metropolitan State College of Denver and the former K-8 Art Studio Instructor at The Odyssey School in Denver, Colorado. Email:

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Kimberly Lane: Art History and Social Justice in the Middle School Classroom

Kimberly Lane is an art teacher at The School at Columbia University, an independent K-8 elementary school in New York City. Email:

Lane links:

Faculty Page

Vanessa López-Sparaco: Whatever Comes Next Will be Made and Named by Us

Vanessa López-Sparaco is an Art Educator at Roland Park Elementary Middle School (RPEMS), Baltimore, Maryland. Email:

López-Sparaco links:

Roland Park Elementary Middle School (RPEMS), Baltimore, Maryland