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Articles in the Research & Reference category

Routledge has an illustrious history in research and reference publishing. You can explore this area of the site to learn more about our featured research, reference, monographs, handbooks and major works in Development Studies. In addition, you can visit one of following areas for broad representation of our reference publishing program:

Recent Research & Reference Articles

  1. Publishing Soon! - Eruptions, Initiatives and Evolution in Citizen Activism

    Eruptions, Initiatives and Evolution in Citizen Activism is the result of a collaborative research project spanning Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. The book analyses internal and external challenges to civil society in more than twenty countries. The studies identify changing roles, capacities, contributions and limitations of civil society in response to changing political, economic and social contexts. This book was published as a special double issue of Development in Practice. Read more ....

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  2. Routledge Humanitarian Studies

    Edited by Alex de Waal and Thea Hilhorst

    The Routledge Humanitarian Studies series in collaboration with the International Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA) takes a comprehensive approach to the growing field of expertise that is humanitarian studies. This field is concerned with humanitarian crises caused by natural disaster, conflict or political instability and deals with the study of how humanitarian crises evolve, how they affect people and their institutions and societies, and the responses they trigger.

    This interdisciplinary series draws on and is relevant to a range of disciplines, including development studies, international relations, international law, anthropology, peace and conflict studies, public health and migration studies.

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  3. Development Studies Research and Reference Catalog

    The New Development Studies Research and Reference Catalog is now Live

    From key research on vital topics, to handbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, you will find whatever you need to further your own research, challenge your students, and provide essential reference materials for your institutional library. This online catalog will allow you to:

    • Browse full details of our new titles; including table of contents, reviews, author biographies and more
    • Recommend titles of interest to your librarian
    • Create unique booklists to browse, buy, and forward to friends, colleagues and librarians.

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  4. Development Studies Handbooks

    With hundreds of handbooks to choose from from our Development Studies list you will be hard pressed not to find something suitable for your area of study.
    We are proud to announce there are over 6 new handbooks publishing this quarter. This collection continues to provide a wealth of important reference sources in one place, from a wide range of experts in the field.

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  5. Disaster Diplomacy

    ‘A Friend in Need, Temporarily’ review of Disaster Diplomacy

  6. Featured Book: Towards Sustainable Rural Regions in Europe

    This book confronts an important contemporary policy issue: how best to ensure that an agricultural policy can contribute to regions' development.

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  7. Featured Book: Environment and Economics in Nigeria

    Contributors to this book examine such issues such as violence, health, sustainability, and conservation.

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  8. Featured Book: Global Trends and Regional Development

    This edited collection is dedicated to the discussion of four global trends: upgrading the rationality of organizations, individualization, the spreading of instrumental activism, and universalization of value-normative systems.

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  9. Featured Book: Landscape and Environment in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa

    This volume explores the concepts of environment and landscape in colonial and Postcolonial discourse about Africa.

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  10. Featured Book: China and Africa Development Relations

    Now in paperback!

    China and Africa Development Relations gives an overview of how the China–Africa relationship has evolved over the last few decades while investigating whether this relationship presents a new paradigm of "development relations" in the international system.

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