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Articles in the General Interest category

Routledge is committed to publishing information of the highest quality and we are a leading publisher of a wide range of books for everyone, from the general interest reader to the dedicated professional. Discover more about our featured selections below in Education.

Recent General Interest Articles

  1. Series of the Month: Sociocultural, Political, and Historical Studies in Education

    The series welcomes volumes with multicultural perspectives, diverse interpretations, and a range of political points of view from conservative to critical. Books accepted for publication in this series will be written for an academic audience and, in some cases, also for use as supplementary readings in graduate and undergraduate courses. 

  2. Routledge Education Authors of the Month April 2014: Joyce E. King & Ellen E. Swartz

    Dr. Joyce E. King holds the Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair of Teaching, Learning and Leadership at George State University, where she is Professor of Educational Policy Studies.

    Dr. Ellen E. Swartz is an education consultant in curriculum development and the construction of culturally informed instructional materials for PK-12 teachers and students.  

    Their most recent title, “Re-Membering” History in Student and Teacher Learning , was published by Routledge in March..  

  3. New Books in January 2014

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  4. Routledge Education Author of the Month January 2014: Andrew S. Gibbons

    Dr. Andrew S. Gibbons has served as Chair of the Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University since 2003. His most recent title, An Architectural Approach to Instructional Design, was published by Routledge in November.  

  5. New-Education Research and Reference Catalog

    This catalog contains details of titles across a range of subjects within education, such as higher education, sociology of education, education policy, ESL/Bilingual education and more, which are ideal for building your Education library collection.  Read more

  6. New Books in December 2013!

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  7. Gail Ryder Richardson

    Routledge Education Author of the Month December 2013: Gail Ryder Richardson

    Gail Ryder Richardson has a Masters in Early Childhood Education, awarded by the University of Sheffield in 2010. She has had a long and distinguished career in the early years sector that spans over 30 years and she has always been strongly motivated to support schools and settings with quality improvement strategies. Gail currently leads the Early Years programmes for Future Creative, a community interest company based in the south east, providing community and education based projects, training and consultancy all over the UK.

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  8. New Books in November 2013!

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  9. Routledge Eye On Education

    The Taylor & Francis Group is excited to have Eye On Education as part of our Education publishing program. Please visit our new page to find all of the Eye On Education titles you're looking for!

  10. New Books in October 2013!

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