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Interview with John Coleman: Why Won’t My Teenager Talk to Me?

Watch the latest Routledge Books video on YouTube or listen to the interview with John Coleman, a trained psychologist and renowned youth advocate, and hear him discuss his new book, Why Won't My Teenager Talk to Me?

"Dr Coleman’s down-to-earth and highly accessible book is full of common sense and draws directly on a wide range of extremely helpful anecdotes from teenagers and parents with a variety of familiar experiences. Why Won’t My Teenager Talk to Me? will be a valuable aid to any adult who simply wants to do a good job with their teenage daughter or son" - Peter Norman, Headteacher, Waddesdon Church of England School, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK


“It will prove a godsend to parents." - Professor Tanya Byron

“This is the book for all who want to have a better conversation with their son or daughter." - Fiona Millar, Guardian Columnist

Why Won’t My Teenager Talk to Me? offers a new approach. Dr John Coleman has used his years of experience as a child psychologist to develop a completely original, easy-to-use, STAGE framework for parents of teenagers.

Dr Coleman says ‘I have seen first-hand how damaged and stressful parent/teenage interactions can become. I wanted to offer a structured way of enabling parents and carers to become better informed, more responsive and more resilient as parents of teenagers.’

Watch this video or listen to the interview to find out more from the author himself. Based on well-respected research, it offers invaluable suggestions for parents about how to make communication easier, and how to concentrate on the things that really matter.


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