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New Textbook: Moral Development: Theory and Applications

Vozzola masterfully delves into controversial areas with finesse, examines unresolved disputes without hesitation and throughout it all maintains a friendly writing style. The book will engage students, broaden their imaginations, and guide them in practical application." – Darcia Narvaez, University of Notre Dame, USA

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This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the classical and current theories of moral development and applications of these theories in various counseling and educational settings. Lively and accessible, Moral Development engages students through numerous examples and boxes that highlight applications of moral development concepts in today’s media and/or interviews from some of today’s leading theorists or practitioners. To learn more about this title, please click here.

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Table of Contents:
Part I. Moral Development in the 21st Century: Theoretical Roots and New Directions 1.Introduction 2. Classic Theories of Morality: Freud and Piaget 3.From Stages to Schemas: Kohlberg and Rest 4.Theoretical Challenges to Classic Cognitive Developmental Models 5.The Rise of Theories from Neuroscience and Evolutionary Perspectives6. Global Perspectives: A Sampling of Research and Issues 7. Conclusion: In a Different Mind Part II. Applications of Theory to Practice 8. Applied Moral Education: Accomplishments and New Directions9. Development Therapy: Helping Clients Grapple with Core Moral Issues 10. When Development Goes Awry: Deficits in moral and empathic development11. Conclusion: How to Live and What to do?