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Atmosphere, Weather and Climate 9/E, Book of the Month, June 2010

The ninth edition of Atmosphere, Weather and Climate, edited by Roger G. Barry, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Richard J. Chorley provides a comprehensive introduction to weather processes and climatic conditions around the world.

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A classic in the field, Atmosphere, Weather and Climate 9th Edition continues to be an indispensable source for all those studying the earth’s atmosphere and world climate, whether from environmental and earth sciences, geography, ecology, agriculture, hydrology, or related disciplinary perspectives.

Features new to this edition include:

  • Extended and updated treatment of atmospheric models
  • Final chapter on climate variability and change has been completely rewritten to take account of the IPCC 2007 scientific assessment.
  • New four-color text design featuring over 30 color plates
  • Over 360 diagrams have been redrawn in full color to improve clarity and aid understanding

The book's pedagogic value is enhanced by several features: learning points at the opening of each chapter and discussion topics at their ending, boxes on topical subjects and on 20th century advances in the field.


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