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Young People, Place and Identity, Book of the Month, August 2010

Young People, Place and Identity by Peter E. Hopkins (Northumbria University) offers a rich series of insights into the role of place in young people’s lives.

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"Young People, Place and Identity has bridged the scale gap in youth geographies by bringing us from localized understandings of young people to seeing the productions of youth spaces and identities across regional, national, and global lines. Hopkins' draws from his own and others' research with young people to work out youth perspectives on the construction and meanings of places such as 'home' and 'nation' with rich contextual details and stories from youth, but also links this empirical depth with significant new theoretical understandings that will push the discipline in fresh directions."
-- Meghan Cope, University of Vermont, USA

The textbook is one of the first books to map out the scales, themes and sites engaged with by young people on a daily basis as they construct their multiple identities. The scales explored here include the body, neighbourhood and community, mobilities and transitions and urban-rural settings and how these all shape and are shaped by young people’s identities. Drawing upon research from a range of contexts, including Europe, North America and Australasia, this book demonstrates the complex ways in which young people creatively shape, contest and resist their engagements with different places and identities.

The range of issues, topics and case studies explored include:

  • ethical and methodological issues in youth research
  • youth subcultures
  • experiences of home
  • territorialism
  • youth and crime
  • political engagement and participation
  • responses to global issues
  • engagements with different institutional contexts
  • negotiating public space
  • the transition to adulthood
  • drinking cultures.

Individual chapters are supported by key themes, essay questions, practice based learning exercises, project ideas and suggested further reading. This textbook will be pertinent for undergraduate and postgraduate students and academic researchers interested in better understanding the relationships between young people, places and identities.




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