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Price Books free Software Demo FAQ’s

Spon Price Books can also be used in conjunction with an extended version of Spon Estimating:

In additional to all the features of Spon Estimating you can:

  • Maintain your own resource and rate libraries
  • Import your key supplier price lists
  • Import BoQ's directly from Excel and other packages
  • Create and analyse schedules Groups (e.g. Housing Development)

Download a FREE trial at:

Software FAQs

Spon Price Books 2010 software contains a getting started User Guide, and also a context-sensitive help option which can be used throughout the system. A section at the back of each price book details minimum requirements to run the software, and provides installation instructions.

Here are some helpful hints for using the software:
Instructions are provided in the second to last page of the book. You will need to use the unique access code supplied in the wallet inside the back cover of the book to make your single download.
Using the software
Multiple Spon Price Libraries (e.g. the A&B and the Civils) may be installed and accessed.
Online Videos
As As well as a User Guide, the software comes with online ‘How To’ videos.
Ending session
Ensure that you close all windows relating to the software.
Loading new Spon Price Libraries
To install an additional or new library, select File/Utilities/Price Book Register then the Install New Price Book tab. Use program Help if needed.
Editing descriptions
Descriptions can be edited by double clicking on them to enter editing mode. Use Windows standard Ctrl Insert (copy) and Shift Insert (paste) for text within the Bill item.
Deleting items
Deleting items from Bill schedules does not automatically delete associated resources. These should be independently deleted in the Schedule (Resources) view.
Selecting rates
Rates can only be selected from a Bill Page. The selected rates are added to the Bill Page at the currently selected row.
Adding rate items
You can add single level items (without resources) not found in the Spon Price Libraries. Simply add a Description, Unit, Qty and a Net Rate onto the bill page.
Changing item build-ups
You cannot change any build-ups in Spon Price Libraries, but you can alter build-up quantities and resource rates once they have been added to the bill page. Double-clicking on a bill rate will take you into build-up, and double-clicking on a resource within the Item Rate Build-up window will drill down to the original base resource where values may be changed.
Duplicating resources
If you are using items from more than one price library you may find more than one resource with the same name (e.g. Labourer) is shown in Schedule Resources. These cannot be consolidated.
The estimating rates program assumes £ sterling, but Bill resources can be amended manually for other currencies. There is an option on print-outs to declare a currency if required.