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The Clinical Neuropsychologist

The official journal of The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology

Publisher: Routledge

ISSN: 1385-4046 (Print), 1744-4144 (Online)

Volume: 25

Publication Frequency: 8 issues per year

TCN Online Supplement Aims and Scope

Aim & Scope

Impact Factor 1.583
5-Year Impact Factor 2.097
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The purpose of The Clinical Neuropsychologist (TCN) is to provide in-depth discussions of matters germane to the practice of evidence-based clinical neuropsychology, spanning the age range from pediatric through adulthood. The scientific knowledge base of clinical neuropsychology continues to expand rapidly. There is also a need for airing of models, concepts, and positions with regard to educational, clinical, and professional issues. TCN’s primary mission is to share state-of-the-art scientific research related to practice and provide continuing education to practitioners, but is also designed to provide a forum for broader presentations and discussions relevant to current practice. Areas of coverage that are of particular interest are:
  • clinical research (including single and meta-analytic studies) pertaining to diagnosis, delineation of condition trajectory, and treatment outcomes
  • practice guidelines, consensus statements, and position papers that guide clinicians
  • randomized clinical trials
  • clinical case studies
  • reviews of clinical issues (including elucidation of new assessment, treatment, and measurement techniques)
  • forensic applications (including empirical research and discussion of topics unique to forensic practice)
  • professional issues (including credentialing, education and training, and ethical matters, as well as relevant surveys)
  • book reviews (solicited by the Book Review section editor)
Grand Rounds in Clinical Neuropsychology is devoted to single case study presentations of interesting, timely, important, or unusual cases. Cases of interest may represent unusual presentations of well-known disorders/syndromes, rarely seen disorders, ‘classic' or prototypical neuropsychological syndromes (textbook presentations), or other cases of distinction. Adult and child cases will be considered. Criteria for publication include a well-documented history of the patient, medical/neurologic/psychiatric findings, neuroimaging (preferred, but not required), neuropsychological evaluation, discussion, and conclusions. Cases should be instructive and focus on the contributions that competent neuropsychological assessment makes in terms of (1) elucidating brain-behavior relationships; (2) determining the functional status of patients; and (3) instructing intervention, treatment, rehabilitation, education, etc.
TCN does not publish letters to the Editor and does not have a ‘Brief Report’ option.
To meet the journal’s ongoing commitment to offering the latest options for accessing and increasing citations to its articles, TCN is affiliated with the Open Select initiative which enables authors to choose to make their articles free-to-all via the journal’s website, following payment of a one-off fee. TCN also guarantees fast-track online publication of all articles accepted by the journal on its Latest articles page, ahead of print publication.
As a service to readers, select articles in each issue are available for CE credits, which are provided under the auspices of AACN via its website.

The Clinical Neuropsychologist: Online Supplement
The purpose of The Clinical Neuropsychologist: Online Supplement (TCN:OS) is to provide an additional forum for the broader community of international neuropsychologists on matters germane to the practice of evidence-based clinical neuropsychology, spanning the age range from pediatric through adulthood. See the full TCN:OS Aims & Scope document here (PDF).
Peer Review Integrity
All published research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by independent expert referees.

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