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Self and Identity

The journal of the International Society for Self and Identity

Publisher: Routledge

ISSN: 1529-8868 (Print), 1529-8876 (Online)

Volume: 10

Publication Frequency: 6 issues per year

Self and Identity Best Paper Award 2014 + past winners

Aim & Scope

Impact Factor 1.514
5-Year Impact Factor 2.046

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Self and Identity is devoted to the study of social and psychological processes of the self, including both its agentic aspects, as well as the perceived and construed aspects as reflected in its mental representations. Work on self and identity has a special place in the study of human nature, as self-concerns are arguably at the center of individuals’ striving for well-being and for making sense of one’s life. Life goals develop and are influenced by one’s view of what one is like, the way one would ideally like to be (or would like to avoid being), as well as one’s perceptions of what is feasible. Furthermore, conceptions of self and the world affect how one’s progress towards these goals is monitored, evaluated, redirected, re-evaluated, and pursued again. Thus, the "self" as a construct has far-reaching implications for behavior, self-esteem, motivation, experience of emotions and the world more broadly, and hence for interpersonal relationships, society, and culture.

The Journal aims to bring together empirical work on self and identity undertaken by researchers across different subdisciplines within psychology (e.g., social, personality, clinical, development, cognitive), as well as across other social and behavioral disciplines (e.g., sociology, family studies, anthropology, neuroscience). Special emphasis is placed on new empirical research that is relevant for extant theoretical models and generative in opening new terrain for future investigation. A second continual motivating goal of the Journal is empirical research that offers integration at the level of basic processes. The Journal provides scientists, practitioners, and students in psychology, sociology, consumer behavior, behavioral medicine, and psychiatry around the world with access to cutting edge empirical research and occasional theoretical pieces.

Peer Review Integrity

All research articles in this journal, including those in special issues, special sections or supplements, have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial Editor screening and refereeing by at least two independent, expert referees. All peer review is single blind and submissions may be made online via ScholarOne Manuscripts.
On behalf of the Editor and Editorial Board of Self and Identity, with the approval of the International Society for Self and Identity, we are delighted to announce the winning article of the journal’s Best Paper Award 2014:
Self-regulatory responses to unattainable goals: The role of goal motives
by Nikos Ntoumanis, Laura C. Healy, Constantine Sedikides, Alison L. Smith & Joan L. Duda

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