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Cognitive Neuroscience Journals

Psychology Press publishes journals covering Behavioral, Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, contributing to this new and rapidly-expanding field by publishing innovative, original theoretical, empirical, methodological and review articles exploring topics such as:

  • Perception, attention, memory, language, action, decision-making, emotions, and social cognition
  • Electrophysiology, hemodynamic brain responses, and behavioral measures (e.g. reaction times)
  • Brain-based theories of cognition
  • Neuroscientific perspectives on social/personality psychology: social cognition, interpersonal exchanges, affective/cognitive group interactions
  • New neuroscience techniques including neuroimaging methods (e.g., fMRI, PET, ERP, TMS), and traditional neuroscience techniques (e.g., animal studies, case studies, psychiatric populations, post-mortem studies, pharmaceutical, agonist /antagonist)
  • Molar (i.e., regional cortical localization, neural networks) and molecular (i.e., neurotransmitter) research

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