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Cognitive Psychology Journals

Psychology Press publishes a wide range of journals in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, contributing significantly to this diverse and varied field by publishing innovative, original theoretical, empirical, methodological and review articles exploring topics as far-reaching as:

  • The effect of emotional states on attention, memory, learning, motivation, judgements, and decision-making
  • The cognitive underpinnings of behavioral abnormality, brain-behavior relationships and neural bases of cognition
  • Empirical neuroscientific studies examining the brain's mediation of social cognition, interpersonal exchanges, affective/cognitive group interactions, language, perception, and attention
  • The full spectrum of modern analytical tools (fMRI, ERP, MEG, hemodynamic imaging) and modeling (computational and mathematical)
  • Deductive and inductive reasoning, problem solving, probability judgment, conceptual thinking and the influence of language and culture on thought
  • Object, face and scene recognition, short- and long-term visual memory, visual word perception and reading, eye movement control, active vision and visual imagery

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