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Work and Organizational Psychology Journals

Psychology Press publishes a number of journals in Work, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, contributing significantly to this increasingly important field by publishing innovative original theoretical, empirical, methodological and review articles exploring topics as far-reaching as:

  • Organizational change, organizational climate, team work, motivation, innovation, leadership, bullying, stress in the workplace, burnout, job satisfaction, job design, selection and training
  • Organizational communication, organizational theory and behavior, personality and identity at work, personnel selection, assessment, corporate governance, executive coaching, industrial/organization psychology tests and assessments, stress and emotion in the workplace, work motivation, and work and leisure
  • Leadership, management techniques, management decision making, personnel and human resource management, risk management, budgeting and financial management, change management
  • Business communication and presentation, consumer behavior, interpersonal communication, marketing communication, organizational communication, and sales and marketing
  • Authority, persuasion, power, advertising, influence in groups, interpersonal influence, propaganda, and compliance

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