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Browse all of the latest news and updates from Routledge Language Learning. We regularly publish helpful information and news within the area of Language Learning to celebrate our publishing program and the individuals that make it possible.

Recent News Articles

  1. Chinese Studies Portal

    The Routledge Chinese Studies Portal

    The Routledge Chinese Studies Portal is your one-stop-shop for all Chinese Studies resources from Routledge.

    Take an interactive tour through the first lesson of our leading self-study course, Colloquial Chinese, sample our extensive range of language learning books, browse related titles within Chinese area studies and explore a variety of free resources including a demo of our new Chinese Character Trainer app, hundreds of audio clips, flashcards to test your vocabulary and links to our collection of companion websites, each containing further activities and resources related to specific books.

    Visit The Routledge Chinese Studies Portal today.

  2. Partridge Slang Online logo

    Partridge Slang - Now Available

    Just launched!  The newest edition of The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English – and for the first time ever, the two volume set is also available online at

  3. Review of A Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese

    The Linguist List has posted a review of A Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese, by Richard Xiao, Paul Rayson and Tony McEnery.

    “Will no doubt be of great use and interest to many…my main reaction upon perusing this book has been a feeling of regret that it was not available to me years ago when I was first studying Chinese." The Linguist List

    Read the full review.

  4. Tom Dalzell: Authors@Google Lecture on Slang

    Tom Dalzell visited Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters in 2008 to take part in the Authors@Google lecture series. The video can be viewed at the AtGoogleTalks YouTube channel.

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