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Media and Entertainment Law Quoted in Parliament

Media and Entertainment Law

In a recent parliamentary debate on libel reform Ursula Smartt's book Media and Entertainment Law was quoted by David Morris, MP for Morecambe and Lunsdale. You can read the full debate here.

Media and Entertainment Law by Ursula Smartt has received praise from eminent figures such as Mark Stephens CBE and Joshua Rozenburg. It has now been mentiond by the Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunsdale, David Morris, in a parliamentary debate on libel reform:

"When I read the Bill, I was pleased to find that my right hon. and learned Friend the Lord Chancellor had incorporated a provision in respect of serious harm. Our libel laws have been described as “claimant friendly”; the burden of proof currently lies with the defendant, which, of course, is the exact opposite to the situation applying to any other legal action. I hope this change will redress the balance, eradicating unnecessary litigation.
In recent years, so-called “libel tourism” has been a burden on our civil legal system. According to media lawyer Ursula Smartt;

“in September 2010 the Daily Telegraph reported that libel challenges by actors and celebrities in the London courts had trebled over the past year.”

London, is oftentimes described as the “libel capital” of the world. Libel tourism, at its simplest level, is when foreign citizens conduct actions against foreign citizens in British courts. One notable exception in this regard is what happened in the United States of America in August 2010, when President Obama signed an agreement that protects US citizens from British libel decisions. Libel tourism perhaps occurs as a result of the extraordinarily high damages that are oftentimes awarded, and I would like assurances from the Minister that he will take all possible steps to eradicate libel tourism."

This critically acclaimed and timely text is available to buy now.


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