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Unlock the Law with Routledge

Unlocking Legal Learning

Routledge Law is delighted to announce that we will now publish the Unlocking The Law; Course Notes; Key Cases and Key Facts series previously published by Hodder Education. We will continue to work with the existing series editors to ensure that the books offer a student-friendly approach for undergraduate law students. Read on for more details...

You can now order books in the Unlocking; Course Notes; Key Cases and Key Facts series from Routledge. If you have any questions about this please email David Porter.

The Unlocking the Law textbook series makes the law more accessible to undergraduates. It covers all the core subjects required by the Bar Council and the Law Society for entry onto professional qualifications, as well as popular option units. The best pedagogic law textbook series available, each title features numerous citations, quotations and extracts as well as a glossary of legal terminology to expose students to primary sources of legal language. Cases and judgements are highlighted for easy cross-referencing, and each chapter opens with clear aims and objectives.Chapter summaries and activities such as quick quizzes and key facts charts and diagrams are also included, as are essay questions with answer plans and exam questions with guidance on improving exam technique. The same formula and features are used throughout the series so students can transition easily from one subject to another. If you are teaching a module and think that you might want to use an Unlocking book as a set text please email David Porter.

Course Notes is a series designed for students keen to understand the law and succeed in undergraduate and GDL/CPE law conversion modules. Expertly written example sets of notes are followed by opportunities to test one's knowledge by creating and maintaining summaries of the key points. The course notes are reinforced with workpoints to test analytical, communication and organizational skills; checkpoints to test recall of the essential facts; and research points to practice self-study and gain familiarity with legal sources.

Key Cases is a simple and effective way for undergraduate, LLB, ILEX and PGC students to memorise and comprehend leading cases for exam success. Mind maps summarize main points, and clear symbols help distinguish key components such as important facts, laws, principles and judgements. Cases for comparison and contrast also are highlighted to illustrate alternative opinions and perspectives.

Written, updated and edited by experts, the Key Facts series is particularly useful for tackling new topics and is invaluable for consolidating knowledge during revision. Diagrams, charts and tables summarize main points and break down complex information, and structured headings allow for clear recall of the main facts. Essential and comprehensive, the Key Facts series is perfect for anyone studying the law, including LLB, ILEX and PGC courses.