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Browse all of the latest news and updates from Routledge English Language & Applied Linguistics. We regularly publish helpful information and news within the area of English Language & Applied Linguistics to celebrate our publishing program and the individuals that make it possible.

Recent News Articles

  1. St Jerome is now part of Routledge Books

    We are delighted to announce the acquisition of St Jerome Publishing, specialists in Translation and Interpreting Studies.

    "We could not have chosen a better and more prestigious academic publisher than Routledge and are very pleased that Taylor and Francis are committing to taking on the St. Jerome list and expanding it in the future" - Mona and Ken Baker

    You can explore the full range of acquired titles in our St Jerome online catalog.

  2. Stylistics screenshot

    Companion website for Stylistics by Paul Simpson now live

    The companion website for Stylistics, Second Edition, offers a number of resources intended to supplement the core materials developed across the book. In addition to worked examples and a special web strand on style and humor, the site offers additional resources for both students and tutors. It also offers a number of links to useful information about stylistics, whether in the form of journal publications or international associations.

    Visit the website to find out more.

  3. Andrea Tyler Joint Winner of the BAAL Book Prize 2013

    Congratulations to Andrea Tyler who is the joint winner of BAAL Book Prize 2013 with Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Learning.

    Order your copy today.

  4. LINGUIST Full of Praise for The History of English: An Introduction

    "This book is not only an invaluable textbook for the student of the history of English, but also a source of inspiring questions prone to motivate individuals to pursue their own research in the field." Katarzyna Sowka-Pietraszewska, University of Wrocław, Poland

    LINGUIST has given The History of English: An Introduction a fantastic review in their current issue. Read the full article here.

  5. Partridge Slang Online logo

    Partridge Slang - Now Available

    Just launched!  The newest edition of The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English – and for the first time ever, the two volume set is also available online at

  6. Routledge Linguistics YouTube Channel

    The Routledge Linguistics YouTube channel is now online and features clips from Routledge DVDs, author interviews and video descriptions.  Visit our channel and follow us on YouTube now!

  7. New: Grammar: A Pocket Guide

    If you've ever wanted a quick and easy guide to verbs and adverbs, commas and apostrophes, clauses and prepositions, then Grammar: A Pocket Guide is a must-have book for you.

  8. New: Researching English Language

    This new title in the Routledge English Language Introductions Series provides comprehensive support for students tackling their first independent research projects.

  9. New: The Routledge Sociolinguistics Reader

    "An outstanding resource for students and scholars of sociolinguistics at all levels. The introductory chapter on methods provides a great entrance into the field and the reader covers a generally excellent range of core readings in sociolinguistics. In addition the editors have integrated those readings with helpful exercises and discussion questions that will benefit students and instructors alike."
    Robin Queen, University of Michigan, USA

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