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Major Works

Major Works: Forthcoming Religious History

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Routledge Major Works has a strong international focus and each of the sets is edited by a leading expert in their field. This publishing programme continues to grow with new book series being created all the time. Worthy mentions include a new Sports Studies and Construction Series.

Titles published by Routledge Major Works cover an abundance of literature on leading and influential figures, key concepts, topics and sub-disciplines across the social sciences, humanities, behavioural sciences and law.

Forthcoming Books

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  1. The Archeology of the New Testament

    The Mediterranean World of the Early Christian Apostles

    By Jack Finegan

    Series: Routledge Library Editions: Archaeology

    This book provides an introduction to the Mediterranean world in which the early Christian apostles moved. Drawing on the geographic setting and available archaeological materials to create a sense of the contemporary environment, the book traces the 15,000 mile travels of Paul, whose world was...

    To Be Published October 19th 2014 by Routledge

  2. Archaeology in the Holy Land

    By Kathleen M. Kenyon

    Series: Routledge Library Editions: Archaeology

    This classic book, extensively revised in 1979, includes the most important archaeological discoveries of that time made regarding both the pre-biblical and biblical history of Palestine. The earliest archaeological finds in Palestine reveal man’s presence as early as 9000 B.C., about 6000 years...

    To Be Published October 19th 2014 by Routledge

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Recently Published Books

  1. Magic and Witchcraft
    Edited by Michael Bailey
    Published February 17th 2014
  2. A History of Atheism in Britain: From Hobbes to Russell
    By David Berman
    Published April 10th 2013
  3. Women and Belief, 1852–1928
    Edited by Jessica Cox, Mark Llewellyn, Nadine Muller
    Published October 15th 2012
  4. Godly Zeal and Furious Rage (RLE Witchcraft): The Witch in Early Modern Europe
    By Geoffrey Robert Quaife
    Published June 23rd 2011
  5. Four Centuries of Witch Beliefs (RLE Witchcraft)
    By R. T. Davies
    Published June 23rd 2011

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