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Major Works

Major Works: 20th Century

You are currently browsing 41–50 of 105 new and published major works in the subject of 20th Century — sorted by publish date from newer books to older books.

For major works that are not yet published; please browse forthcoming major works.

Routledge Major Works has a strong international focus and each of the sets is edited by a leading expert in their field. This publishing programme continues to grow with new book series being created all the time.

Titles published by Routledge Major Works cover an abundance of literature on leading and influential figures, key concepts, topics and sub-disciplines across the social sciences, humanities, behavioural sciences and law.

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  1. Today and Tomorrow Volume 24 Music and Drama

    Terpander or Music and the Future Timotheus: the Future of the Theatre Iconoclastes or the Future of Shakespeare Eurydice or the Nature of Opera Orpheus or the Music of the Future

    By Dent, Dobree, Griffith, Hussey, Turner

    Terpander Or Music and the Future E J Dent Originally published in 1927 "Remarkably able and stimulating." Times Literary Supplement "…a skilful review of the development of music." Musical News With reference to the works of Bach, Beethoven, Byrd, Cimarosa, Elgar, Handel, Haydn, Mozart,...

    Published April 16th 2008 by Routledge

  2. Today and Tomorrow Volume 5 Home, Clothes and Food

    Laret et Penates or the Home of the Future Lucullus the Food of the Future Narcissus an Anatomy of Clothes Bacchus, or Wine To-day and To-morrow

    By Birnstingl, Hartley, Heard, Shand

    Volume 5: Lares et Penates, or the Home of the Future H J Birnstingl Originally published in 1928. " very careful summary." Times Literary Supplement "…his book undoubtedly gives a better understanding of the subject than any other…" Saturday Review This volume considers the labour-saving...

    Published April 16th 2008 by Routledge

  3. Today and Tomorrow Volume 16 War and Politics

    Callinicus: A Defence of Chemical Warfare Paris or the Future of War Janus or the Conquest of War Sinon or the Future of Politics Typhoeus or the Future of Socialism

    By Haldane, Liddell Hart, McDougall, Mowrer, Shadwell

    A Defence of Chemical Warfare J B S Haldane Originally published in 1925 "Mr Haldane’s brilliant study." Times Leading Article "A book to be read by every intelligent adult." Spectator . This volume discusses the use of chemical weapons during the Second World War from the scientific...

    Published April 16th 2008 by Routledge

  4. Today and Tomorrow Vol 7 Child & Education

    Isis, Or the Future of Oxford Alma Mater, or the Future of Oxford and Cambridge Chiron, or the Education of a Citizen of the World Eleutheros or the Future of Public Schools

    By Diplock, Hall, Pearce, Roxburgh

    Isis, or the Future of Oxford W J K Diplock Originally published in 1929 "A reactionary hit-back" Daily Mail This volume defends Oxford intellectual life and examines the institution as it really is, rather than relying on mis-guided media reports. 88pp Alma Mater or the Future of...

    Published April 1st 2008 by Routledge

  5. Today and Tomorrow Volume 9 Science and Medicine

    Eos or the Wider Aspects of Cosmogony Hermes, or the Future of Chemistry Sybilla, or the Revival of Prophecy Archimedes or the Future of Physics

    By Jeans, Jones, Mace, Whyte

    Eos or the Wider Aspects of Cosmogony J H Jeans Originally published in 1928 "A fascinating summary of his tremendous conclusions…" Times Literary Supplement "No book in the series surpasses Eos in brilliance and profundity…" Is this universe permanent or transitory? If transitory, is...

    Published April 1st 2008 by Routledge

  6. Today and Tomorrow Volume 12 Industry and the Machine

    Hephaestus or the Soul of the Machine Ouroboros, or the Mechanical Extension of Mankind Artifex, or the Future of Craftsmanship Wireless Possibilities

    By Fournier d'Albe, Garrett, Gloag, Low

    Volume 12 (4 titles bound in one volume) 978-0-415-46317-1 £80.00 Hephaestus, or the Soul of the Machine E E Fournier d’Albe Originally published in 1925 "An exceedingly clever defence of machinery." Architects’ Journal "…a thought-provoking essay." Birmingham Post Will the machine ultimately...

    Published April 1st 2008 by Routledge

  7. Today & Tomorrow Vol 4 Women, Marriage & the Family

    Lysistrata, or Woman's Future and Future Woman Chronos, or the Future of the Family Aphrodite or the Future of Sexual Relationships

    By Ludovici, Paul, de Pomerai

    Volume 4 Lysistrata, or Woman’s Future and Future Woman A M Ludovici Originally published in 1927 " Pro-feminine but anti-feminist…" Scotsman " A stimulating book" Sunday Times This volume represents an attack on many modern conventions and practices which, according to the author, the world...

    Published April 1st 2008 by Routledge

  8. Today and Tomorrow Volume 15 Society & the State

    It Isn't Done: Taboos Among the British Islanders Stentor or the Press of Today and Tomorrow Nuntius or the Future of Advertising Cato or the Future of Censorship

    By Lyall, Ockham, Russell, Seagle

    It Isn’t Done Taboo Among the British Islanders Archibald Lyall Originally published in 1930 "An admirably brisk attack on taboos." Observer "An amusingly provocative little essay." Bystander A witty and interesting contribution to the study of what may and may not be done in the British Isles...

    Published April 1st 2008 by Routledge

  9. Today and Tomorrow Volume 14 Society and the State

    Archon or the Future of Government Cain or the Future of Crime Solon or the Price of Justice Lycurgus, or the Future of the Law Fortuna, or Chance and Design

    By Fyfe, Godwin, Harvey, Haynes, Young

    Archon or the Future of Government Hamilton Fyfe Originally published in 1927 "This is a good essay on the nature of government, or politics." Economic Review "Writes with a wide experience and an intimate knowledge". Daily Herald. This volume surveys the methods of government in the past...

    Published April 1st 2008 by Routledge

  10. Today and Tomorrow Volume 17 Religion and Folklore

    Eutychus, or the Future of the Pulpit Apella or the Future of the Jews Vicisti, Galilaee? Perseus, of Dragons

    By Holtby, Reviewer, Powley, Stokes

    Eutychus Or the Future of the Pulpit Winifred Holtby Originally published in 1928 "Few wittier or wiser books have appeared in this stimulating series." Spectator "…delicious fun." Guardian A dialogue between Archbishop Fénelon, who stands for the great ecclesiastical tradition of preaching,...

    Published April 1st 2008 by Routledge